You can defeat the final boss of Shadow of The Erdtree in 13 seconds, apparently using perfume and lightning


The human body is a wonderfully elaborate organism, and it’s worth trusting your instincts when it comes to feeling disgusted by certain things. We know that if milk looks and smells bad, it is bad. Don’t try the forbidden yogurt as much as it calls to you. So how do we interpret my visceral revulsion at the most disgusting version of the Shadow of Erdtree ever seen? So disgusting that YouTuber SYROBE managed to defeat the infamously absurd final boss of the Elden Ring DLC ​​in just 13 seconds. Here’s the video. Huge spoilers, of course.

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This build utilizes the lightning-fast variation of the modern perfume bottle weapon, specifically its war ash ability Rolling Sparks. SYROBE attributes the weapon classes’ multiple exploding hitboxes for their stupid damage potential, and claims that the war ash focuses those usually scattered hitboxes into one area when they’re pointed down. He’s also received the max blessing of Scadutree, which increases his stats in the DLC area. The whole thing is topped off with a bunch of gear buffs like the Black Dumpling Cap, Talisman of Madness, and Lightning-Burning Tear. He’s basically done the math already, and the math is sickening.

After smashing the structure, SYROBE completes his victory lap by drowning the final boss of the DLC in a record time of 13 seconds. Coincidentally, this is also my own record for how long I can fight the same boss without getting slammed into the sand.

It’s early days, but this kind of reveal suggests that Shadow Of The Erdtree’s increased difficulty is accompanied by various ways to mitigate it, beyond the more apparent parts of Scadutree. Could players who found the DLC too awful now have a change of heart? Is Mizayaki pandering to his sweatier fans by creating the most powerful weapon ever seen as a subtle nod to always packing deodorant? Will this inspire me to try out a weapon other than the same greatsword I’ve been using for twenty hours? Who knows!

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