MonkeyBit Interstellar Pass Program: The Key to the MonkeyBit Ecosystem


MonkeyBit Interstellar Pass aims to support community consensus and ecological development through exclusive community benefits. With Interstellar Pass, holders can continuously enjoy many rewards and earn significant economic benefits by promoting games and inviting friends. Designed to build community consensus and share rewards for ecological development.

Interstellar Pass Key Benefits and Economic Incentives

  1. 2x commission for play and basic rewards: Interstellar Pass holders enjoy double the earnings from promotions. The commission for inviting level 1 members increases to 20%, and the commission for inviting level 2 members increases to 10%. By promoting games and inviting, the earnings of level 1 members enhance from 10% to 20%, and the earnings of level 2 members enhance from 5% to 10%.
  2. Referral Rewards:Users receive a 20% reward when a first-level friend purchases the Interstellar Pass, and a 10% reward when a second-level friend purchases it.
  3. Exclusive and priority airdrop rights: Interstellar Pass holders can count on exclusive airdrops. Users who make a purchase through ambassador channels receive at least $5,000 MONK in airdrop rewards. For every 10 up-to-date holders included in the ambassador promotion, the ambassador receives an additional airdrop reward of $10,000 MONK.
  4. Ambassadors’ Awards Fund: MonkeyBit Ambassadors with Interstellar Pass are eligible to share 2% of the total $MONK supply. The larger the contribution, the higher the distribution allocation, ensuring that every effort is converted into corresponding equity rewards.
  5. Future exclusive benefits:Interstellar Pass holders will continue to enjoy more exclusive benefits, which will grow and become more plentiful as the ecosystem grows.
  6. Price advantage:The price of the Interstellar Pass increases over time. For every 200 Interstellar Passes sold, the price increases by 10%. The time of purchase does not affect the benefits.

MonkeyBit Global Ambassadors Program

MonkeyBit Global Ambassadors are the backbone of green building. Specific content of the Ambassador Program includes:

  1. Limited quantity:There are only 21 ambassadors worldwide, each representing a specific region or country, giving them an critical position in the ecosystem.
  2. Rigorous selection:Ambassadors will undergo a stringent selection process to ensure that those selected have the skills and passion to promote green development.

Community Building and Future Prospects for Interstellar Pass

Interstellar Pass not only enhances economic benefits but also drives community building. Through the Interstellar Pass program, MonkeyBit aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Strengthen community cohesion:With Interstellar Pass, users can gain economic benefits and enhance interactions and collaboration with community members, collectively driving ecosystem development.
  2. Encourage users to participate:By constantly introducing up-to-date exclusive benefits and airdrop rewards, users are motivated to actively participate in community activities and projects, ensuring the vitality of the community and its long-term sustainable development.
  3. Realize personal value:Becoming a MonkeyBit Global Ambassador is a symbol of honor and provides an excellent opportunity to realize personal value and achieve significant profits.

The Interstellar Pass program, by providing numerous rewards and economic incentives, greatly promotes the construction of the ecosystem and the busy participation of users. Through this program, users can not only gain significant economic benefits, but also deeply engage in community governance and ecological development, sharing the dividends of the up-to-date on-chain entertainment ecosystem. As an critical part of the MonkeyBit ecosystem, Interstellar Pass will undoubtedly play an increasingly critical role in the future.

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