GolfN signs agreement with Axiom Foundation to implement P2E Golf


The partnership with Axiom will open up a range of novel opportunities to enhance the value we create for the GolfN community by leveraging Axiom’s Solana-based blockchain infrastructure.

Last week, we signed a partnership with the Axiom Foundation to accelerate the implementation of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) layer for real-world golf. As part of this agreement, Axiom has committed to providing the blockchain infrastructure for GolfN, which will initially include the allocation of Axiom’s $GOLF utility token and the employ of Axiom’s novel Caching system for GolfN Digital Collectibles.

Axiom recently announced that it will be issuing a GOLF token on the Solana network to kick-start the proliferation of P2E mechanisms in global sports engagement. In addition to the GolfN partnership, Axiom’s first round of partnerships will include a number of leading Solana projects, such as Screw it!, Kanpai Pandas, Degen Monkey Academy.

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Axiom $GOLF token logo

It’s been just over 100 days since our first NFT mint sold out, and this foundational partnership marks another step in our mission to transform golf from pay-to-play to play-to-earn (P2E) in the Web3 era. Here’s what our CEO, Jared Phillips, had to say about the announcement:

“Web3 has been waiting for a green play-to-earn experience for a long time. It’s been six years since P2E appeared on Web3, and yet GolfN is one of the first projects to take seriously the creation of a P2E gamification layer in physical sports. At an average cost of $43 per round, golf is ripe for this transformation. Imagine a caddie app that rewards you for every round, manages your social gaming, and tells you which club to hit on every shot. We’ll work with the Axiom Foundation to turn the old model on its head and let the value of engagement drive the golfer.”

GolfN’s Epic Rarity, Beach Day NFT Clubs

The NFT Genesis Club Collection that we released in March is already a key part of the GolfN Collectible Card Game (CCG); however, the ability to equip NFTs to earn rewards while playing real-world golf using the upcoming mobile app marks a key evolution from current digital collectible games. Golfers and collectors will be able to employ the GolfN mobile app to play an all-new digital game alongside their real-world round.

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