Top 3 Telegram Clickers | Author: Andrii P. | July 2024


Telegram clickers have become a popular tool for interacting with content and earning money on Telegram. They allow users to perform tasks, such as subscribing to channels or viewing news, for a reward. Consider three of the most popular clickers: Tapswap, Blum, and MemeFi.

1.Click Replace

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1. Tapswap is one of the most popular clickers on Telegram, which offers users the opportunity to earn money for completing plain tasks. It has a convenient interface and a huge number of available tasks. Users can earn money for viewing news, subscribing to channels or groups, and other activities. The official channel of the project on Telegram wrote that the offer is planned for Q3 2024.

2. Blum

Blum is another popular Telegram clicker that also offers a wide range of earning tasks. Its main feature is the ability to earn not only by completing tasks, but also through the referral program. By inviting friends and acquaintances, users can receive additional bonuses. Blum is also known for its stable work and high level of security. The project was also supported by Binance Lab.


MemeFi is a clicker aimed at juvenile audiences that combines elements of entertainment and earning. Users can receive rewards for interacting with memes, subscribing to channels with entertainment content and participating in various competitions. MemeFi stands out from other clickers with its unique concept and a huge number of fun tasks, which makes it popular among juvenile people.

Conclusion Each of these clickers has its own unique features and advantages. Tapswap is suitable for those who want to make money quickly and easily by completing various tasks. Blum attracts users with its referral program and stable work. MemeFi offers a fun and entertaining way to make money aimed at juvenile people. When choosing a clicker, it is crucial to consider your own preferences and goals. Regardless of your choice, all three clickers provide an opportunity to earn extra money using your time and activity on Telegram. Thank you for your attention!!!

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