Tiny Garden creates a cute, cozy farm simulation in Polly Pocket virtual toys


Tiny Garden brings back the spirit of Polly Pocket with an adorable farm simulation game set in a virtual plastic clamshell inspired by the ’90s toy phenomenon.

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The charming game from Spanish creators Ao Norte imagines a world where iconic, hinged mini-dioramas are ecosystems where crops can be grown, and players sow seeds before turning the handle on the side of the toy to support carrots, lettuce, and other plants and vegetables grow. (A nice find, Eurogamer.)

The goal is simply convenience and customization, with no defined scoring or challenge. Harvesting crops gathers more seeds, with the chance to discover modern plants—including occasional shiny plants, Pokemon-style—and to fill your garden with furniture and other decorations acquired by trading crops.

Some plants can also affect the terrain with the support of the netting, allowing for drier ground for growing cacti, lush grass and shrubs, as well as water produced by fountains to grow water lilies and other aquatic flora.

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Ao Norte specifically describes the game as being as compact as the shells that serve as its levels, telling us not to expect hundreds of hours of unique gameplay from a “tiny game from a tiny team.” Still, it sounds like anyone would at least have something to kill time with after a few relaxing hours.

Tiny Garden has already exceeded its modest funding goal on Kickstarterand Ao Norte is planning to release Couple and in February next year, Itch.io for a relaxing farming toy box.

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