Steam isn’t the only place to have a summer sale, as is launching its own clear deals


You might have seen that £10 is enough for the Steam Summer Sale, but let me do one better. Indie game store has launched own summer saleand for those who want to delve into the rainbow pile of disposable toys and captivating experiments, there are plenty of opportunities waiting.

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The sale starts today and ends July 12. There are a lot of tasty morsels hidden in the folds of this inexpensive sofa. Turnip Boy commits tax fraud, sees substantial price cut. Surreal JRPG Hylics gets same. The browser censorship comedy simulation Hypnospace Outlaw has substantial discount.An architecturally disturbing refugee simulation Midnight has substantial price reduction. And the slightly disturbing Zelda-style Anodyne is also cheaply. Yes, some of them are currently on sale on Steam too, but I know some of you hate Valve enough to never set foot in their digi-mart. So this is a good alternative, your local car boot sale, that will probably give the creators more money per sale.

In addition to games, Itch has also long been a good place for hobby developers to get their hands on novel games. assets and ultra-specific game development tools. Clear PicoCAD low poly modeling tool is for example on sale, as is the creator of chiptune music The Wonderful Composer.

One little tip: if you only see erotic games when you log into Itch, it’s no surprise. Like Steam, it’s a wild west of boobs. This can make it hard to find what you’re looking for. To hide this mix of excitement, you can go to your user settings and uncheck the box that says “Show adult content in search and browsing.” Or no, I’m not judging. Some of this stuff is also on sale.

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