SolyBird Game Updates


The goal with SolyBird was to capture the sense of nostalgia and competitive edge we all once felt when inspired by the FlappyBird design and bring it to SolyBird, but with a bit of a “play to earn” twist.

Demo and success of version 1
Releasing the SolyBird demo and then V1 was a huge milestone for us and also brought a lot of success as everyone in our community loved it even in its most alpha state. Our membership grew from a few hundred to over 1400 on both Twitter and Telegram. After understanding what we did well and getting a lot of feedback, we released a few smaller updates as well as a Telegram bot that allowed us to play the game in our TG on top of the bot that displayed the top 10 results live on the leaderboard. Our community loved it.

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Now we are on our next goal of releasing V2 of SolyBird which will feature HUGE updates. Our goal is to add depth to the game and what better way to do that with 3 NEW levels to work towards, each with their own unique feel and story. A mountain level with a Himalayan feel of snow capped mountains, a relaxed but retro feel of a city sunset and a Valhalla style paradise where you will feel like you are floating in a dream. Not to mention the store and accessory updates as well as the V3 announcement.

V2 Blueprint

V3 is what the team is looking forward to the most and will be launched after the token launch. New levels, accessories, skins and more. This is where all our ideas and dreams for SolyBird come to life and truly reflect our vision for this project. We are taking this update a step further by adding our web3 touch with super sporadic $SOL drops to the game. Every user has a chance to play and get a $SOL drop in our casual game mode (which is the only game mode at the moment). Users will be able to exchange it for fiat and repeat!

We will also take the competitive nature of the game a notch higher by adding a betting system. Users will be able to bet fixed amounts starting at $1 and going up to $25 against other random players. There will be a separate screen that will take you to the lobby where you can start betting. More on that later. Keep in mind that this will be an in-game option, not a requirement.

Tournaments with huge $SOL prizes will be held every week. That’s all we’re saying for now. Stay tuned.

Betting screen design

The future of this project is electrifying. We will explore every avenue of innovative freedom, take all community feedback into account, and continue to implement features that will take this game to the highest level. Our goal is to become the best P2E game on Solana and we will not stop until we do that. Users who join us at this early stage will be glad they did, we can only imagine how content our early investors will be when we reach the top, because our token will naturally reflect that. With all the hype and support, our growth will be exponential.

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