Q2 2024 shows promising metrics in Web3 games according to Dappradar analysis


  • Blockchain gaming investments exceed $1.1 billion in Q2 2024 which means the most successful period from Q3 2022.
  • Blockchain games accounted for 28% of all dapp activityattracting around 2.8 million energetic wallets daily.
  • Ronin led with over 1.9 million daily energetic walletsfollowed by Polygon, NEAR, and Klaytn in terms of user growth.

In the second quarter of 2024 blockchain gaming ecosystem has experienced significant growth and investments, cementing its role as a key driver for the adoption of Web3 technologies. During this period, investments in based on blockchain games have exceeded $1.1 billionwhich means the most successful period from the third quarter of 2022.

This An boost of 314% compared to the previous quarter and 17% compared to the same period last year shows growing interest and confidence in the potential of decentralized digital games. Blockchain games represented 28% of all decentralized application (dapp) activityattracting around 2.8 million energetic wallets daily.

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Ronin has become the leading blockchain for gamingdoubling its user base over 1.9 million unique, energetic wallets per dayOther emerging platforms include Polygon, NEAR, and Klaytn, which have each seen significant increases in user popularity.

Despite significant improvements, NFT-based collections a slight decrease was observed in the metaverse, 29% decrease in transaction volume and 21% decrease in sales. However, Mocaverse stood outgrasp 49% of total transaction volume in this sector, strengthening its presence in the market despite the general economic slowdown.

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Blockchain Industry Confirms Its Strength and Growth Potential

High-profile investments also marked the quarter. Funds such as a16z Gaming Fund and Bitkraft Venture Fund raised $600 million and $275 million, respectively. These funds are intended to support the development of game studios, developer infrastructure, and gaming-related consumer applications.

Looking ahead, despite challenges such as fluctuating interest in the metaverse, positive trends in investment and the adoption of Web3 technology in blockchain games suggest a promising future. the industry continues to evolve towards deeper integration with the global digital economydriven by technological innovations and growing financial support.

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