Hold Your Phone, Valve Made a Fighting Game for Its DOTA 2 Battle Pass


This is not a drill or a joke. Dota 2 now has a fighting game mode included in the latest Crownfall update. Included in the Battle Pass, it has five characters, dedicated move lists for each fighter, alternate skins, frame data, and more. It’s a bit inexpensive, and not quite a full-fledged fighting game, but it’s real. Also fun!

This addition – titled Sleet Fighter, by the way – was a complete surprise to the game and was received quite well! Sure, it’s purely PvE for now, but in terms of Battle Pass rewards, it’s much more intriguing than fresh skins or currency. This isn’t the first time Dota 2 has included such a mini-mode. About four years ago, Battle Pass owners could play a hero battler in the style of Dota Underlords.

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As for other rewards, Dota 2 players get treasures, candy that can be exchanged for hero packs, couriers, wards, and more. There are also Crownfall Coins that provide useful discounts to those who collect enough of them. All in all, a pretty standard selection of Battle Pass rewards, outside of, you know, a fully-featured fighting game.

Even better, Sleet Fighter can also be played in multiplayer, which opens the door to some fun side tournaments for those who can gather enough players to engage in a bit of competition. It works both online and locally, so all the elements are there for those who want to discuss it on a 2D plain instead of looking down on it.

Have you tried Sleet Fighter? What do you think? Let us know below!

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