Helldivers 2 may receive a novel patch this week with more performance fixes, but “no offense if there isn’t one”


Helldivers 2 could be getting a novel patch this week that includes more performance fixes as Arrowhead focuses on fixing as many bugs as possible before thinking about the bulky work of adding major content.

There’s been some discussion recently about whether the studio should stick with its current plan to fix things first and spend a little more time polishing the add-ons. But from what I’ve seen, most people agree that making sure it’s as seamless as possible is still worth keeping a certain level of priority.

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With a slew of issues players continue to point out on social media, people are curious to see when the next Arrowhead patch will arrive, and the good news is that it looks like it could be as early as this week, according to comments from both current studio CEO Shams Jorjani and one of the community managers, though both stressed that the timing is not yet set in stone.

“The update will be out this week, as you can see,” Jorjani wrote on Twitter in response to a player who listed various issues that have kept them from playing as much lately. “Hopefully that helps! But we’ll keep going anyway.”

On the game’s Discord server, community manager Twinbeard shared the same message, writing, “There may be a patch this week, but it’s not 100% confirmed, so don’t be offended if there isn’t. As for the next big patch, it won’t be for a while. Time for vacation and more of what we’ve said before about reducing the frequency of major updates.”

“We won’t be gone for a month,” they added in response to one player’s suggestion that the need to allow the development team to take a well-deserved vacation could mean just that. “We’re slowing down as many contributors are taking vacations, but the office will still be open and people will be working. There will almost certainly not be a major fix during that time. We’re not ruling out minor improvements and/or fixes.”

Twinbeard also admitted that the team is aware of the need to consider potential solutions, such as developing/improving “ways to ease grief” and improving accessibility options, such as adding a special mode for blind people.

Are there any issues you would like to see fixed in this next Helldivers 2 patch when it releases? Let us know below!

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