Guardians Guild: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks


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Hello everyone!

If you are one of those people who want to jump into Guardians Guild this weekend this post is for you!

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The world of Elderym is treacherous, and there are so many nuances that can lend a hand or hinder your ascension as a Commander. In this low list, we’ll highlight some key aspects of the game that can ease your entry. Let’s get started!

The thing is, Guild of Guardians isn’t exactly the kind of game where you can easily skip over every single clue and bit of text that appears on screen and come out “fine.” We can’t vouch for the fact that it skips over a lot of necessary information in its story-driven dialogues, at least not yet — but there are a lot of things that you really need to pay attention to.

Going to pick up a Commander Order for the first time? Read all the options carefully, because your dungeon buffs will depend on it. Going to a recent dungeon? Look at the boss’s domain. Chances are, most mobs will fit into it and stack domain bonuses – so you may want to review your team. These gameplay details are where the devil is, and they can make or break things for your team later in the game.

Having high rarity Guardians in your team that look cold and have awesome abilities sounds like an absolute dream. However, it won’t be the deciding factor.

Where you want to invest the most is in creating a solid lineup that you can rotate through. We’ve found that having two tanks on the front line with two mages and an assassin/warrior in the back is a well-balanced combination for a five-man company. But there are a lot of other things to consider—how their abilities stack up, how their domains complement each other, etc. When you’re starting out, create a lineup of up to eight Guardians that you feel comfortable combining, and test them out in campaign and adventure modes.

There’s not much to say here, but the natural progression of Guardian levels is rather leisurely. So you need to take every chance you can to farm Scrolls to level up. Endless mode, as well as Battle Quests, are — by far — the easiest way we’ve found to farm them in bulk.

One mechanic you definitely don’t want to sleep on is Enlightenment. By consuming duplicates in this mechanic, you can significantly augment the stats and overall development of your Guardians through Radiance. If you’re looking to build some side hustle in the game, once Ascended and turned into NFTs, Radiant Guardians also tend to sell for more — so overall, Enlightening your roster is a win-win.

When clearing dungeons, you will have to choose between three possible Runes, with different rarities and possible effects. We highly recommend avoiding the pursuit of rarity and instead looking at context. Would the effects apply to multiple Guardians in your current team? Is this something you would consider, or should you add more variety to your buffs (or enemy debuffs)?

The game itself will also give you contextual cues—for example, how many Guardians in the current group correspond to a rune’s domain-specific bonus, or an arrow if a rune increases an effect that’s already applied.

In other words, don’t make choices superficially, and you will truly see how much of an impact your rune set can have!

Crafting can feel a bit narrow in Guild of Guardians in terms of item variety. Instead, Guild of Guardians focuses on rarity. Finding advanced materials for higher rarity items is quite hard – you can only get them from specific chests. The ways you can upgrade your gear have little impact, and encounters with blacksmiths in Adventure mode are sporadic and don’t always end well. So be very careful about what you craft and how much – and if possible, only choose Advanced Crafting, even for “starter” items.

Now that Act 2 is here, it’s never been a better time to join forces with other Commanders. To unlock Guilds, you’ll first need to complete Ringstone Tower. We recommend a level 50 Guardian team—sounds scary, but is easily achievable through Battle Quests and Endless mode.

As a member of a Guild, you’ll unlock special challenges and quests that naturally come with exclusive guild-only rewards. Guild quests also introduce utility to your unused Guardians by having very specific requirements for them – so if you’re still holding onto some Guardians, they may prove useful to you.

If we were to sum up what Guild of Guardians is all about, we would say it is about strategy, focus, and coordination, both in solo and multiplayer. Stick to these principles and your commander will rise to prominence in no time. Prepare for greatness, Elderym awaits you in Wombat!

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