Get a taste of automated, voxel-based terraforming with the free preview of Eden Crafters


The upcoming open-world automation-crafting-survival game Eden Crafters has a free demo available now called Ocean World: Eden Crafters, showing off a developing portion of the upcoming game, which takes place on a few diminutive islands on a massive ocean planet — complete with a full-on giant wave from that one planet near the black hole in Interstellar that periodically comes in and destroys all the most delicate buildings in your base. Which is absolutely ironclad, to be forthright.

After spending a few hours with Ocean World: Eden Crafters, it’s unthreatening to say that it fully lives up to its premise: a combination of Satisfactory gameplay with the premise of The Planet Crafter. While the demo doesn’t directly show the quality of either element, the premise alone will certainly interest many people.

The demo has five different resources that you initially have to gather by hand, then quickly automate into a steady flow of materials to build an ever-expanding base of machines that are used both to produce needed goods and to terraform the environment. While you start out with just energy, oxygen, and food to keep you alive, you later start building out a immense base and producing batteries to power your depowered dropship—which can eventually take to the air again to take you to a second island with more resources.

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The automation gameplay in the demo is fascinating enough, although fairly standard and basic. What’s more fascinating is balancing the flow of resources to also create ecological production facilities that enrich the local soils so that crops can grow. If you do this well enough, you can get tufts of greenery, then grass, then entire lofty trees sprouting.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about it all is that it’s just one planet, with others like an Earth-like world, a super-hot lava world, and more cooking for the entire game. Six straight hours on this one ocean world is a good taste that guarantees I’ll check out whatever Osaris Games eventually puts in Early Access or full release later this year.

You can find Ocean World: Artisans of Eden for free on Steam, where you can also check it out proper shop page for Eden Crafters.

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