Crypto Hunter World Game System – Cryptid PART 2


Cryptid Part 1 introduces the Cryptid skill and stat system.
In this post I would like to explain why users should collect Cryptids and how Cryptids affect the combat system.

Cryptids are the most critical system in CryptoHunterWorld.
During the beta testing phase, users can collect over 50 cryptids.
This is an critical factor in solving the problem of boredom in M2E games.

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The M2E project motivates users by rewarding them for walking and running. However, to get more benefits, you need to walk or run for a longer period of time. This can cause fatigue and boredom for users in the long run.
CryptoHunter World aims to solve these problems through Cryptids collection. Users do not just walk and run, but fight or catch Cryptids they encounter along the way, gaining a sense of accomplishment through rewards for exercise and having fun while collecting Cryptids.

Why do users need to capture multiple cryptids?

The reason why users need to capture multiple Cryptids is to strengthen the Cryptids and because capturing Cryptids with better PV is beneficial in battle. When users capture Cryptids, they can obtain an item called Cryptid’s Block. This item is used to strengthen the Cryptids, and each Cryptid has its own Cryptid’s Block, so collecting it is very critical.

The Cryptid Block is an vital material item that increases the power of Cryptids.

Combat system and cryptids

The Cryptid Battle System that will be added to PvP mode explains why users should collect different Cryptids.
PvP is an critical part of the P2E system, and additional rewards are given to users who win battles. However, this battle system is not simply a pay-to-win system, but requires a very strategic combination of Cryptids.

According to the rules set for each season, users must strategically apply different cryptids. Examples of rules include:
• Unlimited Cryptid Power: Only Water, Grass, and Ice-type Cryptids can be used.
• Cryptid Power 1500 or less: All types of cryptids can be used.
• Cryptid Power 2500 or less: Only Dark and Fire-type Cryptids can be used.

These PvP combat rules allow users to understand that collecting powerful Cryptids does not always mean they will win. There is no need to empower all Cryptids, as Cryptid Power limits where they can participate in battle. Sometimes, un-hardened Cryptids can be more useful.
Users must be able to collect different types of cryptids and participate in battles according to different rules.

The Importance of Collecting Different Types of Cryptids

There are 18 types of Cryptids in total. If a user does not have the required types for the battles of the recent season or has not collected enough powerful Cryptids, it will be arduous to achieve a high win rate in this season.

In this way, Crypto Hunter World provides users with clear motivation and reasons to collect different Cryptids through the game’s design.
If you want to collect different Cryptids, win battles and get rewards, try to collect different Cryptids early.

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