Capcom nonchalantly announces Resident Evil 9


When it comes to remakes of remasters of rereleases of remakes, there always seems to be around 372 different Resident Evil games in development at any time. Brand recent ones are a rarer treat, though, and that’s what Capcom nonchalantly confirmed last night. Resident Evil 9although it almost certainly won’t be called that, it’s in the works and he’s directing it Resident Evil 7Koshi Nakanishi.

How IGN our attention was drawn to the recent Resident Evilfirst since 2021 Resident Evil Villagementioned during the Capcom NEXT broadcast on July 1. “We’re creating a new Resident Evil,” he said Biological hazard director Nakanishi, as if it was no massive deal, advertising the news of the mobile version RE7 is now available on Apple mobile devices.

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During an internal interview, Nakanishi explains: “It was really challenging for me to figure out what to do after 7. But I found this, and honestly, it feels significant.”

He added that he could not share any details, but it is interesting that this came after the director explained that his work on RE7 it was about refocusing a series that had gone off track, becoming too action-oriented and far too scary enough. Biological hazard were about returning to the series’ roots, so it’s safe to assume that the ninth installment in the main series will place a similar emphasis.

It was a pretty big news story, thrown in haphazardly in the middle of a rather flat half hour. The opening news gave more details about Kunitsu-Gami: The Path of the GoddessWhich Ethan is certainly excited to playbut it is not perhaps a name that conquers the nation. Then a very peculiar combination took place ResurrectionremasterAND Resident Evil 7mobile remastering where two games seemingly interrupt each other’s sections in the strangest of ways. And in the midst of all this, oh yes, we’re creating a new Resi Evil.

In the meantime, if the leaks are true you can also expect obht remakes Resident Evil Zero AND Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The latter was played for the 9,000th time, which is a record.


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