BioWare Wants Fans to ‘Discover’ If Dragon Age: The Veilguard Will Show Hog


Picture: BioWare

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We already know Dragon Age: Veilguard there will be romance and steamy scenes. This is normal for a BioWare RPG in post-Mass effect world. But it sounds like the upcoming game in the beloved fantasy series won’t limit the nudity to when protagonist Rook and his chosen partner are having sex. It’s still unclear whether it will show All this time, but BioWare does not rule out the possibility.

Game guide published article as part of the ongoing July cover story confirming that Guardian of the Veil‘S Character Creatorfor the first time in the series. From a practical standpoint, this is helpful in the character creation process, in that if you want Rook’s body to look a certain way, it’s easier to do so when he has his shirt off. Game guide was asked if there would be nudity in the game, to which director Corrine Busche replied, “It’s a mature RPG.”

When it comes to whether Dragon Age: Veilguard will follow Baldur’s Gate 3 for example, including genitalia, as BioWare apparently said Game guide the studio wants fans to discover this for themselves. It’s not a resounding “yes,” but it’s an oddly evasive answer when it’s a “no.” That’s not to say there’s no way to avoid a direct response if it’s disappointing news, but it also sets you up for a backlash if you’re teasing the reveal of something that isn’t there. Interestingly, you can customize your Rook’s bulge in the character creator, but the question is whether that goes beyond how his underwear fits.

Nudity has become a pretty standard thing in BioWare games over the years. The original Mass effect was fired upon by Ridiculously out of touch with reality conservative media in those days when there was a lot of misinformation about sex. Mass Effect 2The sex scenes lacked the same spice, although nudity and more explicit sex scenes returned in Mass Effect 3 AND Mass Effect: Andromeda. Age of the Dragon had a similar trajectory: Dragon Age: Origins implied nudity, which was intentionally hidden in the sex scenes through camera angles, but most of the nudity came from humanoid creatures such as Mother. Dragon Age II is probably one of the more subdued entries in BioWare’s up-to-date catalog when it comes to nudity, but Inquisition offered the most explicit exposure BioWare had to offer at the time, with full shots of tits and butts. If Guardian of the Veil continues to escalate as Mass effect yes, the game will probably live up to the “mature RPG” label that Busche has given it.

Dragon Age: Veilguard coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S this fall. While we don’t know how detailed the sex scenes will be, we do know that all seven companions will be romanceable by any Tower variety.


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