Arena Season 13 and Infinity Mode Season 2 begin!


Congratulations to all who participated and those who reached the top this season. Your commitment made this season unforgettable.

Participation in Arena Mode is rewarded each season with significant NADA Token rewards. Even if the highest ranks aren’t your goal, you can still collect Ori Halcon by simply participating. Join us in Season 13 and enjoy the benefits!

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With Season 13 and the launch of Infinity Mode Season 2, we invite you to continue to showcase your talent and enthusiasm. Your participation not only contributes to the success of each season, but also strengthens the spirit of our community.

Let’s make Arena Season 13 and Infinity Mode Season 2 even more engaging and competitive. Good luck to all participants!

Thank you for your continued support of Slime World. We look forward to another invigorating season!


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