A man has been jailed for carrying a replica of the Legend of Zelda Master Sword in public, raising suspicions that Ganondorf was masterminding the Warwickshire scandal


UPDATE (07.03.24, 17:28 PM BST): It looks like Anthony Bray has a series of past offensesincluding burglary.

Well, you read the headline. A man has been arrested by Warwickshire Police and sentenced to four months in prison after walking down a city centre street carrying a replica of the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda.

As detailed in freedom from distractions (that’s slang for the police if you’re not from the UK), Anthony Bray, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, was sentenced after being charged with “possessing a bladed article in a public place”.

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It involved carrying a “small replica” of the Master Sword from the Zelda video game, which the release says has a six-inch blade, down a street in Nuneaton on June 8; officers approached Bray, whose actions were caught on CCTV.

Bray claimed he bought the sword online as a fidget toy. However, police argued that “despite its intended purpose, it was in fact a sharp-pointed object that could be used as a weapon and could instill fear in others of using it against them.”

Although Bray admitted the master sword “could be perceived as threatening” by others, he also told officers he would not exploit it as a weapon. In addition to the four months in prison, he must pay a victim surcharge of £154, which is about $196.

Although it is essential to emphasize that we here at VG247 are clearly not lawyers or crime prevention expertsthis punishment may seem a bit excessive at first glance, considering it was a toy sword, assuming that bray did just that and that he didn’t break any ordinances against him in the process.

Our very own Alex Donaldsonknown for owning a lot of video game related stuff, he also has a replica of the Master Sword and claims that the blade on it, although longer than three inches, which seems to be the main point of contention in British lawis not exactly keen. On the other hand, it is very likely that Bray’s sword was not in any way different.

Regardless, explaining the reasoning behind the action, Detective Sergeant Spellman of Warwickshire Police’s Forensic Patrol said: “We don’t tolerate any bladed items in public places and Bray fell into that. You can find fidget toys that aren’t six-inch blades. You can’t walk down the street holding them in front of you. If Bray had been more self-aware he could have avoided contact with us altogether.”

So yeah, maybe don’t plan on hosting an outdoor, cosplay-focused Nintendo convention in the centre of Nuneaton anytime soon.

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