zkRace (formerly DeRace) introduces a novel implementation strategy


  • Fiat-$ZERC goal: zkRace is partnering with Transak to offer a fiat to $ZERC platform, enabling effortless purchases of $ZERC tokens using Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay, aiming to drive mass adoption by simplifying entry for non-crypto users.
  • Referral Program: The novel referral system rewards players with $ZERC tokens for introducing novel players to the game, with the goal of organically growing the community and increasing player retention and loyalty.
  • Web3 game availability: The novel features reflect zkRace’s commitment to increasing the accessibility of online gaming, reducing barriers to entry and supporting a community that can lead the next wave of online gaming.

low race, previously known as DeRace, has exposed comprehensive onboarding strategy. This strategy aims to streamline the entry process for novel players, especially those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, by integrating several key features.

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Fiat-to-$ZERC On-Ramp: Simplifying access for novel and non-crypto users

zkRace cooperated with Transak to launch the fiat-to-$ZERC gateway, which represents a key milestone on the road to widespread adoption. This feature allows players buy $ZERC tokens using popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCardAND Apple Pay. The integration simplifies the process of novel players joining zkRace without having to navigate elaborate cryptocurrency transactions.

Key benefits:

  • Availability for non-cryptocurrency users: This simplifies acquisition $ZERC tokens for users.
  • Faster player onboarding: Enables novel players to start playing quickly.
  • Mass adoption: It increases accessibility and attracts a wider audience by reducing barriers to entry.

Referral Program: Organic Community Development

zkRace (formerly DeRace) introduces a new implementation strategy

The zkRace referral program encourages existing players to bring novel friends to the game by offering them $ZERC tokens as a reward. This is an organic growth strategy not only strengthens the community, but also encourages player retention and loyalty.

How it’s working:

  1. Connect your wallet: Players visit the zkRace website and connect their wallets.
  2. Access your profile: Players can access the command system by clicking on their avatar and selecting an option “My commands” option.
  3. Share your link: Players copy and share their unique referral links with friends.
  4. Earn rewards: Players earn a percentage of system fees from their friends’ transactions.

Key benefits:

  • Increased player base: Expands the gaming community by leveraging the power of personal recommendations.
  • Permanent rewards: Active participants earn rewards for referrals.
  • Increasing your game activity: A larger number of referrals contributes to increased in-game activity and an escalate in the number of transactions.
  • Higher demand in the amount of ZERC: Increased demand for $ZERC tokens benefits the community.

The integration of these features demonstrates zkRace’s commitment to bringing online gaming to the masses. By lowering the barriers to entry and fostering a warm community, zkRace is positioned to lead the next generation of online gaming.

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