Zenless Zone Zero Tier List July 2024


Hello, proxies – it’s time to accept a fresh order and we Zenless Zone Zero Level List is here to lend a hand you choose the best team for the job. We’ve also included tips on how to do Re-folding ZZZin case you don’t get who you want.

We update this guide regularly as fresh characters, balances, and other things are added, so be sure to check back from time to time. If you want to check out each of the amiable faces listed below, be sure to check out our Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide . You can also grab some great gifts with our Zenless Zone Zero Codes List , and stay up to date with all the latest news with our Zenless Zone Zero Events and Zenless Zone Zero Update Guides .

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Here’s everything you’ll find in our Zenless Zone Zero tier list:

Zenless Zone Zero Level List

Here is our list of ZZZ levels.

Keep in mind that at this early stage in ZZZ’s life, these ranks are based solely on our personal experience with the pre-release version of the game. We’ll be sure to update the ranks once we’ve had a chance to analyze the numbers and test the characters further.

If you want to learn more about the best builds for each character, click on their names below.

Rung Zenless Zone Zero Character
S Nekomiya, Rina, Ellen, Lycaon, Soldier 11, Grace, Zhu Yuan
AND Koleda, Ben, Billy, Nicole, Lucy, Piper
B Anby, Anton, Soukaku, Corin

Unclassified characters in Zenless Zone Zero

The following characters have been seen in previous beta builds, but have yet to make their full appearance. We’ll update this tier list with their ranks once we’re able to test them properly.

There are also a few characters we’ve seen before but haven’t met yet, including these girly vtuber themes and fresh members of Section 6 and New Eridu Public Security. Of course, we’ll add them here as soon as we know more – but in the meantime, follow our Zenless Zone Zero characters and Zenless Zone Zero banner guides to find out everything we know so far.

Can I re-roll Zenless Zone Zero?

To perform Zenless Zone Zeroyou need multiple email addresses, and since the standard S-rank pool is quite immense, it may take a few tries to get what you want. As for A-rank characters, you’ll probably get most of them just by playing normally, and the confined S-rank characters have a 50/50 mercy system, so as long as you save up your pulls, you can get the S-rank characters you want without having to go through all the hassle of creating multiple accounts.

It’s also a time-consuming process and, in our opinion, not worth the effort – especially since you get 100 free pulls and a free S-rank character of your choice at the start of the game.

If you’re determined though, here’s how to re-roll Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Start the game and reach level five of Inter-Knot to unlock the gacha system
  • Continue playing and pulling the standard banner until you operate up your discounted pulls. You can also pull the dynamic banner with
  • If you don’t like your buns, log out of your account
  • Create a fresh account with a different email address
  • Repeat these steps until you get the desired shape

Who should I choose as my free S rank character?

In addition to the standard mercy system, after pulling the standard banner a total of 300 times, You can also choose one free S-rank character from the standard agent pool.

Each of these characters is incredibly powerful in their own way. In addition, the roles are less crucial than in games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail (in tiny, you don’t have to worry about DPS, a healer, and a buffer in your squad – you can even choose a team of three attacking agents if you prefer). In fact, Choosing an S-rank character depends entirely on your personal preference.

So my best advice to you (as someone who has played each of these characters multiple times in pre-release) is: Try out each of the available agents through the Character Tutorial Challenge and simply choose the character you like the most.

While taking factions and elements into account can be useful when building your team and activating additional abilities, this game is all about being incredibly fast-paced and action-packed – so it’s incredibly crucial to enjoy the playstyle and abilities of the characters you’re playing!

If you still need more lend a hand making your decision, Here are all the free S-rank ZZZ characters you can choose from, along with a quick overview of their playstyle to lend a hand you make your decision:

  • Nekomata from Zenless Zone Zero – an incredibly rapid and powerful physical attack agent who has one of the highest damage outputs in the game. Her gameplay revolves around quickly moving back and forth across the battlefield and attacking enemies from behind, so she’s a great choice if you’re a fan of assassin-style characters
  • Christmas carol from Zenless Zone Zero – A fiery, hammer-wielding paralysis agent who specializes in stunning and burning enemies. She has a unique set of skills that allow her to team up with the tank bear Ben from Zenless Zone Zero to unleash powerful, coordinated attacks. This duo is great to play with if you prefer a more defensive playstyle
  • Ground Zero Soldier 11 Zenless – a sturdy fire attack agent with a unique set of skills that requires you to either operate her skills or time her basic attacks perfectly to maximize her firepower. Her skills can be a bit intimidating, but once you get into the rhythm of playing her, she is a lot of fun and can easily take down very tough enemies
  • Zenless Zero Lycaon Zone – A stun specialist with an ice-powered kit that focuses on stunning and freezing enemies with long combos full of charged attacks. You can also charge up his special EX attack, and if you re-use it at the right time, you can conserve energy. He’s great at immobilizing enemies, especially if they’re frail to ice, which can make some really tough fights a piece of cake
  • Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace – If you like fast-paced, ranged combat, Grace is the perfect fit for you. She’s an Anomaly Agent who deals Arc damage, meaning her kit focuses on applying elemental debuffs and shocking enemies to weaken them. She does most of her attacks with a powerful Arc pistol, but she also throws grenades that release a compact area of ​​effect of electricity on impact. While she’s capable of close combat, she’s great at range, and her kit lets you strafe and spin around the field while attacking and reloading her weapon
  • Rina from Zenless Zone Zero – Another ranged fighter who deals lightning damage, Rina may seem similar to Grace on paper, but on the battlefield she feels completely different. She is a support character who floats above the ground instead of running, has a very high movement speed, and her dodges and dashes are incredibly fluid and cover more distance than any other agent. When it comes to combat, Rina is most similar to Magic, as she sends and controls two bangboos, and also zaps enemies with lightning attacks by simply swinging her hand. Her quick attacks and lightning fields also deal damage in a wide area of ​​effect, making her great against waves of multiple enemies

How to get more ZZZ characters?

Since Zenless Zone Zero is a gacha game, the main way to get more characters, W-engines, and bangboo is to pull them onto the banner. There are a few different types of banners – the standard banner full of characters and weapons, the confined characters banner where you can pull special S-tier characters for a confined time, and the bangboo banner, which… well, that’s where you get your little bangboo friends.

In our Zenless Zone Zero Banners Guide we go into detail about the different banners, currencies, gacha rates, and the mercy system. Head over there to learn more.

That’s all we have for now on the Zenless Zone Zero tier list, but be sure to check back later as we’ll add fresh information as it comes in. In the meantime, continue your Hoyo fun with our Genshin Impact tier list , Genshin Impact codes , Honkai Star Rail tier list , and Honkai Star Rail codes .

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