You can find yourself in the end credits of Gori Cuddly Carnage and all it will cost you is a little over half a pint of blood


IN Gori Cozy Massacreyou’re on a mission to save the world, using a talking hoverboard named FRANK to rip and tear apart as many mutant unicorns as possible. There’s blood, lots of blood, and oddly enough, blood might be your ticket to the game’s end credits.

Developer Angry Demon Studio has announced a recent campaign Gori Cozy Massacre. After the team behind the game decided to donate their own blood to hospitals following the game’s censorship in some regions, it’s time for fans to fight back. Anyone who donates blood before the game’s launch and follows a few elementary instructions to spread the word will be named a “LifeSaver” in the credits.

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Give some of your blood before you shed unicorn blood

Photo courtesy of Angry Demon Studio

The process of becoming a Lifesaver in Gori Cozy Massacreloans are actually quite directFirst, you need to go to your local blood donation facility, such as a hospital, mobile blood bank, or something else, and donate blood.

Don’t worry. Each unit usually takes up a little less than half a pint, and you have even more to give. It’s worth checking with your local facility to see if you can donate blood, by reading their criteria first. If you’ve recently gotten a tattoo, you’re out. But if you have a infrequent blood type, or one that your area desperately needs, you should really get going.

After you donate blood and lackluster a few times, if you’re like me with needles, you need to take a selfie. Try to take one that doesn’t get tagged on social media so you don’t lose your chance to play. Avoid needles and blood. Maybe just take a selfie with the snack they give you to keep your blood sugar high.

The final part of the process involves posting a selfie on social media and tagging @GoriCarnage with the hashtag #GorisGotBlood. I don’t know if the team will contact you or if you’ll have to wait until you play the game to see your name in the credits.

Gori Cozy Massacre has one of the most unconventional marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. It all seems to stem from the fact that the blood in the game was censored in some regions. If the development team hadn’t donated blood in the first place, I’m sure this campaign to encourage fans to donate blood wouldn’t have happened.

What I really love about being a LifeSaver in the game is that it’s a win-win situation. Your local hospitals and healthcare providers get enough blood to potentially save three lives if needed, and you get to be in the credits of what looks like an amazing upcoming game. I wish we had more crazy but wholesome campaigns like this, or maybe Gori Cozy Massacre paving the way, so we will.

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