Yield Guild Games Season 5 Recap and Season 6 Preview


  • Yield Guild Games’ fifth season of GAP successfully concluded on June 4, 2024. introducing significant improvements and modern games for the community.
  • Yield Guild Games has launched version 3 of its website and points systemallowing players to accumulate and exploit rewards until December 2024.
  • Season 6, starting July 10, promises to expand the experience with more premium games and missions available as part of the exclusive Season Pass.

In powerful application In Season 5 of Yield Guild Games’ Guild Advancement Program (GAP), the community received and tested a number of innovations and improvements that laid the foundation for what promises to be a more animated and engaging sixth season.

Concluding on June 4, 2024, GAP Season 5 was notable for introducing a modern gameplay experience through a focus on community missions and the adoption of a completely redesigned decentralized application. Over the course of four weeks, over 7,000 community members took part in 58 missions and challenges designed to enrich player experiences and encourage lively participation.

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Among the most vital updates, YGG has launched version 3 of its website, which aims to simplify the program registration process and improve user navigation. Additionally, YGG points system introducedallowing players to accumulate points for each completed mission, with the ability to exchange rewards until December 2024.

The games were the centerpiece of the season, with favorites like BLOCKLORDS and Pixels are backnext to the novices Mighty action heroes and the star of the Rumble races. Pixels led in registration with 6,677 participants, closely followed by Rumble Racing Star with 1,602. The diverse catalog of games expanded player options and strengthened the sense of community at YGG.

POST guild game performance

Yield Guild Games looks to repeat its success in Season 6

Looking to the future with anticipation Season 6 is actual. Scheduled to start on July 10, promises to further expand the possibilities of participation. Thanks increasing the number of included games and introducing premium missionsplayers can purchase the Season Pass to gain access to exclusive missions where unique rewards and more challenging tasks await them.

The introduction of rewards in Season 5 was also a significant milestone, allowing players to engage in a wider range of community-oriented activitiessuch as content creation and community moderation. This approach will continue in Season 6, promising modern rewards.

Compared to the previous season, enrollment increased by 77% in Season 5 GAP not only showed the exponential growth of YGG, but also the growing influence and engagement of the gaming community. Season 6 is ready to naturally continue this successand YGG is committed to providing an novel and accessible platform for web3 gaming worldwide.

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