Yes, there is nudity in Dragon Age: The Veilguard and I have seen it.


Dragon Age: The Veilguard will feature nudity. This is something I learned firsthand while customizing my Rook at BioWare’s Edmonton, Canada, office earlier this year during a cover story visit. We were customizing a female Rook and customizing body options – read Game informants in-depth Veilguard character creator review here for more details – Rook’s shirt is gone to allow us to customize things like chest size.

And that’s when Veilguard game director Corrine Busche smiled, probably well aware that nudity in the character creator means nudity in other parts of the game, like Veilguard romances. I’m sure BioWare fans will be thrilled to hear that. “It’s a mature RPG,” he tells me.

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I only see topless nudity in the character creator, and when I later ask BioWare if there’s bottom nudity, they’re told it’s something they want fans to discover for themselves in the game. Interesting answer, considering we’re talking about genitalia here, but I won’t go any further. While the game’s main characters haven’t been keen on revealing much about the game’s romance options, I have a feeling nudity will play a role in some of the cutscenes, and that’s what BioWare is alluding to.

Nudity has been present in previous BioWare games, but it’s almost always been implied. Characters are occasionally nude in romance scenes and elsewhere, but arms, legs, shadows, and bits of scenery concealed the more… oogly bits of the character. With some of those bits fully noticeable in the character creator, I have a feeling Veilguard’s romance scenes will be the steamiest in the series’ history. And the game’s pretty visual design, powered by EA’s Frostbite engine, only adds to that.

Okay, I think I’ve reached the limit of how much I can type the word nudity on my work computer before it gets flagged by HR or something. You’ll have to wait for the full game release in the fall to find out more about nudity, romance, and more.

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