Yes, the broken “Kill 5” personal order from Helldivers 2 can be completed


Recent personal order in Helldivers 2 seems to be completely broken. It asks players to “Kill 5” with no hint of what they should kill, where, with what weapon or stratagem, or any additional information.

In the past, Super Earth has been unclear, which probably encouraged more citizens to sign up for the Helldivers, but this Personal Order seems to be a mistake. Fortunately, players on Helldivers 2 subreddit they quickly figured out how to complete the Personal Order, even though the current Major Order sends us all into completely inappropriate territory. It’s unclear what happened here, but at least we can all end it now.

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Helldivers 2The current Personal Order is particularly obtuse

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To complete the Personal Order “Kill 5” in Hell Divers 2players realized that you actually need to kill five Automaton Hulks. These vast enemies try to set you on fire and generally make life very arduous as you try to complete objectives.

User notlimahc was the first to explain it. “Yes, says Automatons Edit: They’re Hulks. I tested this by jumping into a mission and keeping an eye out for these monumental machines. I managed to kill two in one mission and sure enough, the Personal Order was updated on my ship.

It’s compelling that we received this Personal Order in the middle of an attack on the Terminid worlds, because obviously we wouldn’t even accidentally complete it without delving into it like some players do, since it requires us to focus on a completely different faction.

Interestingly, this is not the first such case in this country Helldivers 2. The same personal order was released about a month ago and was bugged then, just as it is now. User Emia_Kiritsugu remembers it well. “The same personal order was bugged like this about a month ago, and they just swapped it out for something else. I guess they didn’t bother fixing it.”

While we’d all prefer the game’s Personal Orders to explain what we’re actually supposed to do, user DBZpanda suggested a great way Arrowhead Game Studios could spin it. “I think it would be funny if they gave a personal order to ‘kill 5 Helldivers’ and then released a broadcast saying that the automatons had hacked into our systems.”

So far Hell Divers 2we had the Automata planning an all-out attack on Super Earth and the Terminids creating a supercolony thanks to the pesticide we sprayed on them. It certainly wouldn’t be unexpected or unbelievable for the Automata to hack into our system to disrupt our efforts in the Second Galactic War.

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