Xbox finally remembers Wi-Fi passwords with the June 2024 update


With the June Xbox update, Microsoft finally enabled Xbox consoles to remember Wi-Fi networks between connections, saving network passwords so you don’t have to type them in every time.

The update also introduces recent home screen customization options, the ability to manage subscriptions on the console, and some improvements to controller reliability.

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While changing a console’s network connection is generally a sporadic occurrence, for anyone who found it necessary, re-entering the password when returning to a previous location was always a pain – perhaps you had to switch from Ethernet to Temporarily Wi-Fi, or you were taking your console home friend for a local gaming session. Xbox consoles can now remember up to 10 wireless networks.

Microsoft is also making it much easier to manage subscriptions, so you can view and change them directly on the console rather than forcing users to employ a web browser.

To recap, there’s a recent option on the home screen where you can set a vigorous background by default, which then switches to the game’s graphics when you select it from the list of recently played games. Here’s an example with the Hellblade 2 vigorous background when you hover over the Accessories app, then Minecraft Dungeons if it’s highlighted. This is a tiny but welcome improvement.

Here are the details from Microsoft’s website:

Xbox console updates

Personalize your home backgrounds even more

Do you have a favorite vigorous background? Or maybe you prefer to watch game graphics? Before today’s launch, you had to decide whether you wanted to enjoy this vigorous background or rotate the entire game graphics. Now you can mix and match – no need to compromise. The recent options can be found in Settings > General > Personalization > My background > Show selected game graphics.

Want even more options? There is also a recent setting that allows you to adjust the vigorous background color without changing the profile color.

Easily connect your Xbox console to wireless networks

Switching between Wi-Fi networks just got a lot easier on Xbox. You can now remember up to 10 wireless networks you have used before and employ them without re-entering passwords. It’s also simple to forget and disconnect from wireless networks you’re tired of. You don’t have to remember Wi-Fi from your trip – unless you plan to come back! To check this, go to Settings > General > Network Settings > Manage Wireless Networks > Manage My Networks.

Manage your subscriptions directly from your console

You can now update your subscription plan or enable recurring billing in your console settings. Go to Settings > Account > Subscriptions, select your subscription, then select Change Subscription. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to choose the options that work best for you.

Some experiments you can see on your console

We are always experimenting and looking for ways to make the console experience even better. This month, you may notice updates like the ability to search for people using Console Search, updates to the Game Pass page layout and style, and additional information about tabbed search results and flashcard store buttons. As we run these experiments, a random group of players will be able to try them out.

Xbox Wireless Controller Firmware Updates

Starting today, we’re rolling out a firmware update for Xbox controllers. If you’re using an Xbox Adaptive Controller, you’ll have expanded support for more connected USB accessories. This update will better support the full functionality of some accessibility peripherals. Each port now supports up to 12 buttons, a second stick and a hat switch.

You’ll also see improvements to the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller’s wireless disconnection when a headset is connected to its 3.5mm audio port. In addition, you will receive several other bug fixes that will make the game smoother. Download this update from Xbox Accessories app on Xbox or Windows PC.

Source: Xbox

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