Wuthering Waves of Changli – Release Date, Role, Banner and Full Set Explained


To the despair of all those who, like me, spent their Astrite reserves in the Yinlin banner, Windy waves Version 1.1 will feature the playable debut of Changli and Jinhsi. And although Magistrate Jinzhou leaked revealing her role as Spectro’s main DPS, what will be the role of her advisor and mentor?

To answer that question and facilitate you wait for her debut, here’s everything you need to know about Changla, including her role, release date, and a full description of her kit.

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Is Changli a support or DPS in Wuthering Waves?

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According to her leaked kit currently available on Hakushi, Changli will be a sword wielder and main DPS in the Fusion field, focused on dealing massive DMG damage with the Resonance skill. While on the battlefield, she will also be able to activate several damage-oriented buffs.

If her kit isn’t changed, she’ll also be a great fit for teams with double DPS Fusion or those with sub-DPS Liberation. Reason? Her ability to offer 20% Fusion buff and 25% Resonance Release DMG through her Outro skill.

Changli’s Whirlwind Waves: Resonance Skills, Forte Circuit, and Innate Skills Explained

According to her leaked kit, Changli’s Resonance Skill (Triple-Sided Flames) allows her to perform a series of slashes and an enhanced submerged attack. After doing this, he will enter the state of True Seeing. Three-Sided Flames can be performed a maximum of two times in a sequence.

Changli will also be able to enter True Sight after performing a basic attack of 4, both on the ground and in the air (yes, she can combo in the air). The state will last 12 seconds and apply the following effects to her:

  • Performing any grounded basic attack will trigger True Sight: Conquest. The damage dealt by this move is considered Skill Resonance DMG. After completing two Conquest moves, True Sight will end.
  • Performing a basic attack in the air will trigger True Sight: Charge. The damage dealt by the move will be considered Resonance Skill DMG, and performing it will force True Sight to end.

On the other hand, her Flame Oath Forte Circuit allows Changla to perform an enhanced version of her Heavy Attack – called Burning Sacrifice – by performing it while carrying four charges of Fire. The damage dealt by this move will be considered Skill Resonance DMG. You will be able to obtain Enflamement charges by completing True Sight: Conquest, True Sight: Charge and her Resonance Liberation. All of her innate abilities also revolve around Enflamement. You can check their descriptions below, based on the values ​​currently presented in Hakushi:

Innate abilityS Effects
Secret strategist True Sight: Conquest and Charge Fusion DMG will be increased by 5% for each stack of Fire you have.
Sweeping power Changli will receive a 20% Fusion DMG bonus after performing both Burning Sacrifice and Resonance Release. This will allow her to ignore 15% of her targets’ defense.

What about its resonance release?

As leaked on Hakushi, Changli’s Resonance Trigger (Radiance of Fealty) will allow her to perform a immense area fusion attack. This move will also grant her 4 stacks of Fire and allow her to enter the Fire Feather state. Performing Flaming Sacrifice in this state will grant her a 25% attack bonus. You can check out a demo of Changli’s full moveset below, courtesy of Dimbreath.

All nodes of the Changli resonance chain and their effects

As you’d expect from DPS, all of Changla’s resonance nodes are focused on increasing her damage. Below you can read an overview of all of them, based on the values ​​​​presented in Hakushi:

Resonance chain nodes Effect
1. Hidden thoughts Performing Tripartite Flames and Burning Oath will escalate both Changli’s Fusion DMG bonus and her disruption resistance.
2. Chasing desires Obtaining an Enflamement stack will escalate Changla’s critical damage by 30%. It is unknown whether the effect can stack or simply resets.
3. Secrets learned Increases her Resonance Trigger DMG by 80%.
4. Polished words Changli’s intro skill will also escalate the entire team’s attack by 20%. The effect will last 30 seconds.
5. Sacrificed profits Increases Burning Oath multipliers by 50%. Performing an attack will also escalate Changli’s ATK by 50%.
6. Completed plans Tripartite Flames, Burning Oath, and Blaze of Allegiance will now ignore 40% of their targets’ defense.

Changli release date and banner

According to Mero’s leak, which includes a look at the main screen, the Changli banner will be called Stellar Plumage and will feature Baizhi, Taoqi, and Mortefi as four-star resonators. Stellar Plumage is expected to debut as part of the second wave of version 1.1 banners.

When will Wuthering Waves 1.1 be released?

Based on the end date of the Yinlin banner: Windy wavesVersion 1.1 is expected to be released on each of them June 27 or 28, 2024, depending on the region. In addition to up-to-date characters, playable areas, enemies, and main and side quests, the up-to-date version will also feature a up-to-date daily login event.

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