Wuthering Waves – Alloy Smelt Event Guide


Alloy Smelt is an event in Windy waves all about fighting. The higher your score in each stage, the better the rewards, so here’s a guide on how to clear each stage for maximum profit.

How to beat all Smelt Stop Rifts Windy waves

In total, there are 10 Rifts (levels or stages) to complete in the Alloy Smelt event. Each Rift has specific game mechanics that must be followed if you want to earn all the rewards. The characters and Echoes you apply can make Rift very effortless or extremely complex, so paying attention to detail is vital to get the best results. For your information, I will walk you through each step and explain the settings you need to easily beat them on ‘Difficult’ difficulty setting.

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Breath Split

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There is a lot of emphasis on Breath Rift of Alloy Smelt Aero AND Spectrum characters, because by using them you gain significant bonuses to these characters. The best characters to apply at this stage are Life AND Spectro RoverWith Verina as third. Jiyan almost completely trivializes this stage, but it’s ideal to have an Intro/Outro character available so that Jiyan can gain all of his % ATK bonuses after the swap. Jiyan’s ultimate will easily clear this stage if you can hold it as long as possible. For this reason, I recommend it at least 25% energy regeneration. If you don’t have Jiyan, make good apply of it Yangyang Or Jianxin as they both have enough area of ​​effect to pass this stage quite easily.

Freezing Rift

Wind Waves - Frozen Melt Rift details
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In the Frost Rift, priority is given to apply ice AND Havoc characters, which gives them the advantage that their Concerto Energy is automatically restored over time, without any additional input from you. Both also gain additional damaging AoE effects when their Concento Energy is used, and it is this mechanic that is integral to this stage, with flying colors.

Sanhau, DanjinAND Havoc rover are the perfect choice for this slot because all three can easily fill their own Concorto Energy bars even without external mechanics. I recommend the equipment Countless lamps on the figures of Glacio i Without dreams on the Havoc characters you apply, as both Echoes provide a significant area of ​​effect to aid you clear the stage.

Burning Rift

Whirlwind waves - details of a burning crevice smelling of melt
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Following the trend of the last two rifts, Scorching requires apply Connection Or Electro characters to neat them easily. This stage causes the area effects of the above-mentioned elements to appear on the stage as characters apply their Concert Energy.

The most ideal choice for this gap is Yinlinbecause it already has a huge area of ​​effect without any additional mechanics. Bis AND Calcharo are also mighty choices because they are among the recommended items. You can also throw in any buffer for extra damage. Down Hate Echo is an extremely mighty choice at this stage because when used, it deals significant Electro DMG over a very gigantic area around him.

Quick Split

Whirlwind Waves - Details of the Alloy Rapido Rift
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The Rapido Rift is the first Rift without the recommended kit included. Instead, the Concert Energy restoration speed is increased, and when characters apply their Intro Skills, Resonance Energy will be restored to its full value. Additionally, ultimate damage will be increased on this rift. You want to apply characters that can access their intro skills quickly, but also have a significant amount of AOE.

For this reason, Sanhau and Yinlin are fantastic choices at this stage, and they also have powerful ultimates that allow them to take full advantage of this rift’s mechanics, leading to effortless clearing. Choose an Echo with a significant area of ​​effect, such as Mech Abomination, Dreamless, and Lampylumen Myriad. It’s best to stick with the element of whatever character you decide to apply to get the maximum benefit.

Striking RIft

Whirlwind Waves - Stop Attack Rift details
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The core mechanic of Striking Rift is a massive augment in CRIT and CRITICAL DAMAGE after a character uses his Introductory skill. The more introductory skills you apply, the more CRIT DMG you can get. With this in mind, the ideal characters you want to apply are those that have quick access to their intro skills so you can constantly change them.

Sanhau AND Yinlin you’ll get through this stage quickly, as both characters are able to fill their Concert Energy with quick and swift rotations. The key to winning this Rift is to accumulate CRIT DMG to the limit of 20 as quickly as possible (which gives a 200% augment in CRIT DMG). Any AOE Echo will work here, but if you can, remember to stay in the element with the characters you are using. Bigger, better results.

Intimidating Rift

Whirlwind Waves - Details of the intimidating melt crevasse
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Intimidating Rift wants you to apply Echo’s ability as much as possible to get the highest score. On this rift, when a character uses their Ultimate, the cooldown of their Echo skill is reduced by 100% for eight seconds, allowing you to freely spam their Echo skill. Overusing this mechanic is the key to good results, so it’s worth using characters that can generate their ultimate very quickly, preferably with a low energy cost and low cooldown. Yangyang AND Sanhau are by far the best options to apply as their ultimates only cost 100 Energy – the lowest in the game.

Since our focus in this Rift is on Echoes, I highly recommended you apply Moss abomination because it has one of the largest AoE ranges in the entire game and deals a lot of damage. Without dreams is also a solid option due to its long cleave range if you are using the Havoc character.

Stunning Rift

Wind Waves - Deafening Melt Rift details
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Stunning Rift is similar to Intimidating Rift in that it focuses on Echo’s damage for a solid cleanse. This Rift increases Echoes and Heavy Attack DMG at all times. Your Echo skill’s cooldown is halved when performing a weighty attack. Naturally, this means you want to bring in characters that often apply their weighty attacks to deal damage.

Life AND Jianxin are the perfect choice for this Rift because their entire builds are based around Heavy Attacks. In combination, you want to apply echo with a gigantic area of ​​effect (notice a pattern yet?), so Moss abomination remains a mighty choice. Since both recommended characters are Aero, apply Feilian Beringal because this gap isn’t a bad idea either.

Furious Split

Whirlwind Rift Details Alloy Smelt Furious Rift
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Furious Rift works similarly to Striking Rift in that it places a huge emphasis on CRITICALITY and CRIT DMG stacking. The difference is in how it is done. Echo Skill cooldowns are always halved, and using one of them gives your characters a 100% augment in CRITICAL RATE and a 30% augment in the GM CRITICAL DAMAGE of their skills and weighty attacks. This effect lasts 3 seconds and the CRIT DMG portion stacks to 15. Naturally, you want to apply characters that consistently apply weighty attacks or skills.

Life is definitely the best option for this Rift due to the constant apply of both Heavy Attacks and Skills. Other decent alternative options include Danjin, Sanhau, Yinlin, YangyangAND Bis. All of these characters apply their Skills and Heavy Attacks as vital aspects of their overall builds, so you will naturally gain all of the buffs at this stage by simply playing them normally. Unlike other rifts, Echoes are not of interest to the DMG. Instead, you want to apply Echo with a low cooldown. Any echo of a common class it will work perfectly.

Ethereal Rift

Whirlwind Waves - Ethereal Melt Fissure Detail
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Ethereal Rift is all about entirely on Echoes to activate its core mechanics. All Echo cooldowns are halved, and when the Echo Skill is unleashed, an area of ​​effect wind field will appear, pulling enemies towards itself for massive damage.

The characters you apply on this rift don’t really matter because the wind field will do all the work. What matters is that you apply it Common classroom echoes so that you often appear in the wild field. Press your echo skills as often as possible and collect the rewards.

Eternal Rift

Wuthering Waves - Details of the Eternal Melt Rift
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Eternal Rift is the final Rift in the Alloy Smelt event and focuses on increasing the raw damage of all your characters. This is done by killing enemies. Every kill rewards Increased damage by 10%, stacking up to 25 times. Additionally, Echo Skill cooldowns are reduced by 100% when the character uses his Intro Skill. You want to apply the characters you have the most geared, have the highest DPSand they are the most proficient On shooting kills.

Life AND Yinlin are definitely the best options at this stage. If you don’t have them, apply any DPS characters you have built. Enable powerful area echoes with quick activation, e.g Without dreams AND Moss abominationThe more enemies you kill in a low period of time, the more your score will augment at the end of the timer.

You only need about 80,000 points between all the RIfts listed above to earn all the rewards in this event, so don’t worry if you don’t have characters created for each of them. Prioritize the ones where you can get the highest score and complete all the others to get as many bonus points as possible. 80,000 points is not a complex number to achieve using the strategies I have presented to you. Good luck!

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