Will GTA 6 be on PC?


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Every time a fresh Grand Theft Auto game comes out, it immediately becomes the biggest game of the generation. We saw that with 4, 5 and we expect GTA6 to break all sales records once again when it finally comes out. After many rumors, leaks and even hacks, GTA6 has been officially revealed, but not everything about the game is clear yet. In addition to the plot and gameplay details, there are a few vital questions about where and when we can hope to play GTA6 when it will come out, are circulating. PC gamers are particularly concerned, as Rockstar has yet to release a GTA title on PC at the same time as on consoles. Will that happen again?

Will GTA 6 be on PC?

Yes, but not at launch. For now, GTA6 has been confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles only. What does that mean for PC players? Well, if history teaches us anything, we may have to wait a bit longer. GTA5 took almost a year and a half to get a port to PC, while Read Dead Redemption 2 took a year and a month. Who knows if Rockstar plans to speed up the process GTA6but in the worst case you will have to wait about a year for the PC version.

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According to the former A Rockstar developer who spoke to IGNThe reason Rockstar is delaying the PC version is twofold. “The reason the PC port is coming later and not the first thing that comes out is because they want to prioritize what sells. For the most part, especially in the past, PlayStation was the best-selling console. PlayStation was the console to have. It sold the most of all the consoles. Everyone plays PlayStation.”

The second major factor is how many factors Rockstar has to consider for PC versus console. “It’s really important for everyone to remember this: one of the main reasons why a PC port will take so long is because the architecture is different, the components are different.” That means a lot more testing needs to be done on this version to make sure it works on as many different PC configurations as possible.

If GTA6 If the game releases in overdue 2025 as we predict, the PC version could be in overdue 2026 or early 2027.

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