Will games, tokens and NFTs be recovered: Top 5 trends to expect from Web3 in 2024


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  1. Games remain resilient
  2. BTC and tokens to strengthen the Web3 sector
  3. Web3 will join the Fintech revolution
  4. Solana regains its position as a Web3 hub
  5. The Web3 marketing boom is back

After the partial recovery of cryptocurrency prices, Web3 is looking for recent directions and viable models. Web3 is also trying to become more sustainable while benefiting from the resurgence of interest in BTC and other tokens.

The year 2023 ends with a tardy, gradual recovery from the bear market. Web3 now faces the challenge of meeting expectations for 2024. New products will be met with renewed buzz in what is expected to be a year of recovery for the overall market.

Games remain resilient

The past year has cleaned up the last remnants of pure P2E and demonstrated the need for stable profits. Completed games will once again take center stage in an attempt to build real engagement. The top 25 most popular games still include GameFi models, which are based on investing and earning. But games with addictive content also endured: long-haulers like Alien Worlds, Nine Chronicles, Axie infinity, and Sunflower Land continue to maintain their engagement, attracting thousands of energetic users every day.

Game chips also rebounded from the lows, showing that interest in Web3 can revive even after a bear market. This trend is likely to continue into 2024 as the pace of trade increases.

BTC and tokens to strengthen the Web3 sector

The year 2024 brought significant predictions of a recent price rally. BTC prices broke the $41,500 barrier in December 2023, with more growth expected. 2024 is also the year of halving, in which BTC production will tardy down further, with a lower block reward for miners. This means fewer recent coins will hit the market, which could boost shortages.

The renewed interest in trading and the potential for price increases will also attract recent wallet users. The price boost will also accelerate GameFi and other features that require some risk.

Web3 will join the Fintech revolution

The coming year also brings forecasts of a significant boost in the apply of fintechs. Payment gateways and widgets are becoming more and more significant as the internet earns more money.

Wallet usage is growing, and tokens are often integrated with payment gateways. Payments for both gaming and e-commerce are shifting to cryptocurrencies, but there are also recent ways to pay for NFTs and games that don’t require tokens. Fintech payments integration can expand Web3 gaming ownership opportunities through the apply of recent types of wallets. Secure and intuitive wallets will replace older technology that requires greater user skills.

Solana regains its position as a Web3 hub

Solana looks set to maintain its prominent position as SOL topped $64 in December. Active users of Solana increased in November and December, indicating that recovery is possible.

Solana is also expanding its reach with recent NFT collections. The Solana Foundation also supports in-house NFT artists in creating ongoing airdrops. The Solana chain has also been operating without stalls in recent months, introducing recent users. As Web3 owners become more experienced, hacks and exploits are also becoming a more widely known risk. Solana users need to be aware of malicious dumps in 2024.

The Web3 marketing boom is back

The coming year will likely bring a resumption of drops, trade show launches, and more Web3 events. Educational platforms and onboarding efforts for recent employees are proliferating. After the huge success of some meme coins, recent communities can hope that they will become the next popular thing. This time, the key to gaining trust will be truthful launches and airdrops. Fewer users will buy more steep NFTs, but more will be willing to take advantage of a economical or free airdrop.

2024 will also bring a broader list of thematic tokens, including Telegram bot tokens, newly listed gaming assets, and recent types of NFTs.

Ethereum will continue to support the largest load of projects and transactions, now as a fully proof-of-stake network. Other protocols such as Solana, Near Protocol, and Avalanche will make up the rest of Web3, building their own communities and ecosystems.

In 2024, the best hope is that the usual bear market is over and there will be expectations of more positive price movements, investment inflows and legacy projects finally releasing their products and gaining greater influence.

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