Wild Forest introduces signal fire with valuable rewards


  • Introducing Signal Fire to protect the Wild Forest.
  • Opportunity to earn rewards such as $WF tokens, gold and shards.
  • The process of igniting a signal using the Ronin wallet.

From time immemorial Wild Forest it was a sanctuary for warriors and defenders charged with preserving it.

In an effort to strengthen this ancestral connection and protect our virtual home, there was a fire signal firedan thrilling initiative that invites all players to actively participate in forest safety.

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Concept Fire alarm is straightforward yet powerful: lighting these virtual fires with blockchain-based transaction, players don’t just contribute to conservation Wild Forest but also unlock valuable rewards.

These awards include $WF tokens, gold, shardsand special in-game items that not only enrich the player’s experience, but also strengthen the community.

To take part in this noble cause, interested people should visit the dedicated Signal Fire page on playwildforest.io.

From there they can easily access “Light the fire” and perform an action using them Ron’s wallet.

After ignition, volthe fire will burn for 12 hoursduring which players can look forward to accumulating prizes.

This frequency allows players to actively participate, ensuring that Wild Forest they are constantly protected and rewarded for their sacrifice.

Looking to the future, developers have ambitious plans to continue expanding the reward pool, including additional resources from Wild Forest such as units, skinsand exclusive Donuts.

This evolution holds promise maintain community interest and participation in ongoing developmentensuring that Wild Forest not only survives but also thrives in the digital world.

Wild Forest introduces signal fire with valuable rewards

Commitment and the future

Success Fire alarm measured not only by awards, but also by renewed community commitment to protection and conservation Wild Forest.

Every action counts, every fire lit means a step forward defending our virtual home.

As more and more players join Fire alarm are illuminated, it becomes a forest safer and more prosperous for everyone.

The Fire alarm it’s not just gameplay mechanics But a symbol of unity and shared responsibility.

We invite all players to actively participate, delicate them Fire alarmand enjoy the rewards that this act of conservation brings.

Together we can ensure that tThe Wild Forest remains a place full of adventure, mystery and beauty for future generations of players and caregivers.

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