Wild Forest announces fresh fair play rules: here’s everything you need to know


  • Zillion Whales has announced fresh Fair Play rules for Wild Forest. We strive to provide a fair and secure gaming environment for all players.
  • How to apply unauthorized software, including hacks and scripts which could violate the integrity of the game and the privacy of the player, forbidden.
  • Each deck must be linked to one accountAND restrictions on asset transfers In order to prevent abuse and ensure fair competition, an account sharing mechanism has been introduced.

In order to maintain the integrity of the gaming community, Zillion Whales has announced fresh Fair Play rules in Wild Forest. The fresh regulations aim to ensure a fair and secure gaming environment for all participants, prioritizing positive community experiences.

One of the main guidelines established by Zillion Whales is strict ban on unauthorized third-party softwaree apply. This includes hacks, mods and scripts that could change the functionality of the game, compromising both the player’s account and their privacy. Failure to comply with these rules may result in indefinite bantogether with loss of achievements and in-game currencybut also exclusion from events and fleeting suspensions.

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Appealing Wild Forest Bans via Discord

Additionally, emphasis was placed on prohibiting unacceptable behavior in-game activities, such as impersonating members of the Zillion Whales or Wild Forest teams. Engaging in phishing to steal player accounts, exploiting game bugs for personal gain, disrupting matchmaking, organizing or participating in fixed matchesAND promotion any other inappropriate behavior contrary to established rules.

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In relation to the apply of the deck and transfers of assets, it was established that each deck must be associated with only one account. It is forbidden to apply the same deck on multiple accounts. In addition, restrictions on asset transfers between accounts have been introduced to prevent abuse. Allowing confined transfers for promotional and purchasing purposes.

These measures are designed to maintain the integrity of the Wild Forest gaming experience. The company has reaffirmed its commitment to actively monitoring gaming practices. Review complaints and utilize aggressive analysis to identify any suspicious activity or unauthorized apply of the software. Players who feel they have been treated unfairly have the option to appeal directly to the team via Discord. Where their cases will be dealt with in a fair and crystal clear manner.

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