Whisker NFT, are you doing the heist?


On July 5th, we’ll be releasing our first NFT collection, and you’ll never see prices this low on Whisker again!

As a reminder, Whisker adjusts prices to market capitalization, but we have planned to launch an amazing token!

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Hence the fact that the Whisker NFT prices will never be this low again

Buy OG for 0.0058 ETH: This is a real bargain!

When you buy WL 0.009 ETH: you are buying during a substantial promotion!

Public Buy 0.011 ETH: This means buying the next collection at the OG price

As a reminder, the benefits of purchasing Whisker NFTs are as follows:

-Everyone Handle will be whitelisted to the next collection.

-Long-term NFT holders will be rewarded with airdrops Wit .

-GAME PASS for 9 Whisker P2E worlds.

And more !

What do you think? Become a priority on the Whisker stickers and other items shipped list

And don’t forget you can also win 3 figurines!!

4 phases from July 5th to 6th!

Free: 20 Spots / For Team I operate well before mint to do final tests for P2E

OG: 30 Spot / July 5 at 12:00 UTC — 18:00 UTC, 6 hours, 1 per wallet max.

WL: 320 Spot / July 5 18:00 UTC — July 6 06:00 UTC, 12 hours. Maximum 2 per wallet.

Public: 130 Spot / July 6 at 06:00 UTC July 6 at 24:00 UTC, 18 hours Maximum 3 per wallet.

Number of NFTs: 500
Number of people WL 724
OG number 60
Discord number 2000
Number of draws 28,000

You have to hurry because it will disappear very quickly!

The P2E game will be available in Early Access for all NFT token holders and only they will be able to play it.

Investing a little capital in Whisker NFT means believing in the project and its development team.
You would think Basechain would explode!
This is the best choice of your year, maybe even of your entire life!

Follow us on X to never miss a thing: @Whisker_witcoin

None of this is meant to be financial advice, we are simply extremely sanguine about our growth!

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