Where to find Nuka-Grape in Fallout 76


There are many varieties of Nuka-Cola Fallout76each of which provides players with a unique combination of power-ups. Despite these power-ups, Nuka-Cola are sought after for other reasons.

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Many seasonal challenges require players to obtain or drink a specific flavor of Nuka-Cola. One flavor often assigned as a daily seasonal challenge is the Nuka-Grape flavor. Having trouble finding that elusive flavor? Here’s everything you need to know to find Nuka-Grape in Fallout76.

Buying Nuka-Grape at Fallout76

The easiest way to get Nuka-Grape is to buy it directly from vendors in Appalachia. Each vendor sells Nuka-Grape for 30 caps. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Bubbles is a Mr. Handy salesman who can be found upstairs Whitespring Resort which sells an assortment of Nuka-Cola bottles.
  • Nuka-Cola vending machines found in a stand near the Nuka-Cade building in Nuka-World on tour We sell many different flavors of Nuka-Cola.

All Nuka-Grape spawn locations in Fallout76

Nuka-Cola flavored drinks tend to appear in the same places together. While there’s no guarantee that these places will have Nuka-Grape (or any flavored Nuka-Cola), they’re worth checking out if you’re low on caps or haven’t been able to buy enough Nuka-Grape from the vendors.

  • One Nuka-Grape can be found in a locker in TNT Dome #7 in Czarna Góra Armament Plant THEN.
    • The dome requires a key obtained from an unlisted scavenger hunt. To enter the Overlook Cabin, which contains TNT Dome Key #7, you need a pair of keycards from the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Factory and Tanagra City.
  • Sometimes it can be found in Eta Psi House in the basement, in the Nuka-Cola room.
  • You can find it in the protected in Grafton Steel Underground but requires Hacking skill level 2+ to unlock.
    • Access to this section of the instance requires completion of the Fun and Games quest.

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