Where to find Elden’s Ring: Smithscript Great Hammer Shadow Of The Erdtree


Screenshot: : From Software / Kotaku

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The Smithscript Great Hammer is a Great Hammer that can be found in Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree expansions and offers a fantastic moveset that will surely make it one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. This unique Great Hammer can be thrown with a hefty attack, giving it some confined ranged capabilities without sacrificing the high melee damage that comes with its enormous size.

Here’s what you need to know about Smithscript Greathammer and where to find it.

Smithscript Greathammer Statistics and Features

Smithscript Greathammer has a weight of 9.0 and requires the following stats to wield:

  • ST-20
  • DEX – 10
  • INTERIOR – 11
  • FAI-11

The weapon is equipped with Ash of War: Endure. This War Ash increases your balance and all absorptions by 45% for a few seconds when you enter a stance. This makes it great for reducing the damage of huge attacks that could otherwise be fatal.

The Smithscript Great Hammer can be upgraded to +25 with standard smithing stones.

Item Description Smithscript Greathammer

The Smithscript Greathammer item description reads:

“Great Hammer engraved with blacksmith’s writing. A throwing weapon created in the art of blacksmithing. Perform a powerful attack or power attack to spin and throw the great hammer.

Where to find Smithscript Greathammer

The Smithscript Great Hammer can be found in Taylew’s Ruined Forge, a dungeon in Scadu Altus. It can be reached by heading north from the Mercy Base in the Ancient Ruins.

Map showing the location of the Smithscript Great Hammer.

Screenshot: : From Software / Kotaku

Once in Taylew’s Ruined Forge, go down the stairs, then the ladder, and jump across the gap beyond. On the left you will find a stone golem and Smithscript axeif you also want to add this to your collection.

Continue along the main path until you reach a giant column suspended above the lava. Jump over to it and you’ll notice that you can jump over again and get to the other side. Here you must kill the slime before heading behind the rubble to find the one and only Smithscript Greathammer.

Don’t go out just because you have your Smithscript Greathammer. Be sure to complete the rest of the dungeon to obtain the Smithscript Shield and more.


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