Where to Find Ballistic Fiber in Fallout 76


As with many seasonal challenges where players must collect items to obtain a specific material, Ballistic fiber can be quite tedious to obtain.

Whether you’re looking to max out your Season Pass or need Ballistic Fiber to upgrade and maintain your armor, you should know which items to look out for Fallout76 and where to find them.

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Objects that break down into ballistic fibers Fallout76

  • Ballistic fibers in bulk – 10 ballistic fibers
  • Military Ammo Bag – 2 Ballistic Fibers
  • Military Grade Adhesive Tape – 2 Ballistic Fibers
  • Mystery Fur – 1 Ballistic Fiber
  • Mothman’s Torn Wing – 1 Ballistic Fiber

Military ammunition bags (MAB) are the most profuse items that can be scrapped to obtain Ballistic Fiber. Mysterious Fur and Torn Mothman Wings require fighting a Sheepsquatch and Mothman respectively, so farming these items is not as proficient.

Where to find military ammo bags in Fallout76

Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance contains 9 MABs that are shredded into 18 Ballistic Fiber. That’s more than enough to complete any Ballistic Fiber scrapping seasonal challenges. Due to having the most MABs, Fort Defiance takes the cake for the best location to farm Ballistic Fiber. Here’s where you can find the bags around the POI:

  • North wing, second floor – both rooms by the metal stairs (3 MAB)
  • North wing, third floor
    • Third door on the right, behind the metal door (1 MAB)
    • Third door on the left behind the metal door (1 MAB)
    • In the room opposite the elevator (2 MAB)
    • First room on the right after the Brotherhood of Steel door (2 MAB)

Camp McClintock

Camp McClintock has one less bag of military ammo than Fort Defiance, but it’s just as good a place to get ballistic fibers.

  • After brisk traveling to Camp McClintock, turn around and head back down the road. You’ll find two MABs next to a soldier’s body.
  • Ground floor of the main building
    • Behind the reception (1 MAB)
    • In the locker opposite the reception (1 MAB)
  • Left Barracks – On the shelf on the back wall of the barracks (1 MAB)
  • APC – interior of the APC located in front of the barracks (1 MAB)
  • Southwest of the main building, behind the barn where combat training took place, in a miniature shed. (2 MAB)

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