When will Zenless Zone Zero be released?


The latest mobile RPG game from Hoyovers, Ground Zero without Zenis on the horizon. The action RPG will be released July 3 or 4th of Julydepending on the time zone you live in.

As with related games, Genshin Influence AND Honkai: Star Railway, Ground Zero without Zen The service will launch at night for those living in US time zones, early in the morning for those living in Europe, and around noon for those living in Asia and Australia.

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Below is a list Ground Zero without Zen release times in your region.

What time is the premiere of Zenless Zone Zero?

According to Hoyover, Ground Zero without Zen is scheduled to launch on July 4 at 10 a.m. UTC+8. This means the following times:

  • Wednesday, July 3, 7:00 PM PDT for the west coast of North America
  • Wednesday, July 3, 10:00 PM EST for the east coast of North America
  • Thursday 4th July 3am UK time for Great Britain
  • Thursday, July 4, 4:00 a.m. CET for Western Europe/Paris
  • Thursday, July 4, 11:00 AM JST for Japan/Tokyo
  • Thursday, July 4, 12:00 PM EST for Australia/Sydney

Servers may be up and running sooner or later depending on maintenance, but these are the times listed when they can be up and running. Ground Zero without Zen will be launched. Usually Hoyoverse is pretty good about adhering to release times.

Can I preload Zenless Zone Zero?

Yes, pre-load will be available from July 2ndaccording to Hoyoverse. Unfortunately, their official preload announcement doesn’t specify a time when the preload will be available, so we recommend just following their social channels.

Hoyoverse uses the UTC+8 time zone, which means it is possible that preloading will be available from July 1st, depending on your time zone.

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