What time will Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree be released?


Release Shadow of Erdtree means the only DLC for Ring of Fire. As befits a game that’s virtually impossible to navigate without guides, the DLC’s release timing is also a bit byzantine, with its rollout being staggered depending on where you live and what platform you’re playing on.

Here’s when Ring of Fire‘S The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be released in your time zone.

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Shadow of the Erdtree release time: When will the Elden Ring DLC ​​be released?

Elden Ring’s release time varies depending on the platform you’re playing on.

Release date of the Elden Ring expansion on PlayStation and Xbox

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

On PlayStation and Xbox Shadow of Erdtree will be live at at midnight local time on Friday, June 21 in most regions of the world– according to a graphic published on social media by developer FromSoftware.

The exception is the United States where, once the clock strikes midnight local time on the East Coast, the DLC will be made available on consoles nationwide (meaning West Coast residents will be able to play from 9:00 PM PDT on June 20).

Release time of the Elden Ring expansion on PC

Meanwhile on your Windows computer Shadow of Erdtree launches at midnight CEST on Friday, June 21 simultaneously all over the world. Here’s when it’s in your time zone:

  • 15:00 PDT on June 20 for the west coast of North America
  • 6 p.m. EDT, June 20 for the east coast of North America
  • 23:00 BST, June 20 for Great Britain
  • 12:00 CEST for Western Europe / Paris
  • 7:00 JST May 30 for Tokyo

What to expect from the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

As featured on Polygon’s Shadow of Erdtree preview and first impressions, the DLC is essentially “more Ring of Fire” For the most part, this means: sweeping dungeons, relentless enemies, and a huge sense of discovery.

First of all, according to our announcement, the expansion is much more arduous than the basic version of the game. The set includes novel types of collectibles (including power-ups called Scadutree Fragments). Narratively, Shadow of Erdtree focuses on Miquella, who you may know as Maleni’s brother, which is one of the most renowned boss fights from the base game.

We’re a little close to the end now, but if you’re still preparing to expand, check out our guides on how to get access Shadow of Erdtree and how to prepare for the DLC. You’ll need to at least defeat Radahn and Mohg – that’s about two-thirds of the players NO done. Good luck!

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