What time does FFXIV Dawntrail maintenance start and end?


Ultimate Fantasy 14‘S Trail of Dawn Expansion has arrived and the game will be over for a while 48 hour maintenance before the early access period.

One sec Trail of Dawn The premiere will take place on July 2, players who pre-ordered the novel expansion will be able to play it on June 28, after long maintenance breaks.

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We explain when below FFXIV Dawn maintenance starts and what you can do at the last minute to make sure everything is ready for the expansion’s launch.

What time has FFXIV go down to maintenance?

Ultimate Fantasy 14 will be turned off for maintenance Wednesday, June 26, during the following hours and will be unavailable for 48 hours:

  • 2:00 PDT for the west coast of North America
  • 5:00 a.m. Eastern time for the east coast of North America
  • 10:00 Polish time for Great Britain
  • 11:00 CEST for Western Europe/Paris
  • 18:00 JST for Japan/Tokyo
  • 19:00 AEDT for Australia/Sydney

That said, the game will return at the same time, but further away Friday, June 28. You will only have access to Trail of Dawn content if you pre-ordered the expansion.

What should I do before maintaining FFXIV Dawntrail?

There are many things you can prepare for before maintenance Trail of Dawn. Apart from the things we have mentioned in our guide, you should also make sure about this set aside any garden plots so that your crops do not wither – the crop timer will run even during maintenance. You should too refresh yours case timer, if you have a house. While Endwalkerafter launch you were unable to enter the house due to weighty server load, so it’s best to reset the timer now before an overload can occur.

If you plan on using Fantasy to transform into the newly added female Hrothgar, you should do so operate Fantasy before conservation. You’ll have to too equip everything before I can Fantasy. Since you need to log in again to change your race, you will be able to make the change immediately after your first login after maintenance. (If the login queues and mentioned congestion are as bad as during Endwalkeryou won’t want to log into this Fantasy again because you could be stuck in the login queue for hours.)

And finally, you should check it out for yourself log out in the sanctuary (in town or near ether) to make sure you gather rested EXP – which is a 50% EXP bonus up to a certain amount.

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