What is the BlockAir Play-to-Earn recurrent flyer program?


In the vigorous cryptocurrency and gaming sphere, the combination of blockchain technology and gaming, known as GraFi, initiated extraordinary innovations. BlockAir’s play-to-earn game stands out among them thanks to its distinctive recurrent flyer program. This program not only embodies the combination of gaming and earning, but also introduces a level of excitement and usability that is occasional in established gaming ecosystems.

BlockAir is a groundbreaking game on Polygon Matic network, skillfully combining the exhilarating elements of GameFi and DeFi. In BlockAir, players not only immerse themselves in addictive gameplay, but also enjoy a financially rewarding environment. The centerpiece of this experience is the recurrent flyer program, which aims to reward players for their loyalty and participation.

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BlockAir’s recurrent flyer program is similar to established airline recurrent flyer programs, but is digital in nature. Players earn BlockAir Miles by engaging in various in-game activities. These miles accumulate in the player’s account, similar to miles earned when flying on commercial airlines.

The process of earning BlockAir miles is elementary and engaging. Players earn miles through regular in-game activities, special missions and participation in community events. What makes these miles valuable is their usefulness within the BlockAir ecosystem. Players can exploit the accumulated miles for:

  1. Unlock special features: Get access to unique game levels, special characters and exclusive events.
  2. Purchase items: Purchase in-game resources or upgrades that enhance your gaming experience.
  3. Take part in auctions: Redeem miles to bid on limited-edition items or exclusive in-game experiences.

Here’s how a recurrent flyer program might typically work on BlockAir:

  1. Earning miles: Players could earn miles for every virtual flight they took in the game. These miles would accumulate in the player’s account and could be tracked much like real-world miles.
  2. Level Levels: Like real-world programs, the BlockAir recurrent flyer program can have different tiers. Players could advance through levels based on the number of miles they accumulated, with each level offering increasingly better rewards and benefits.
  3. Rewards and benefits: Frequent flyer rewards may include:
  • Discount on future flights, passport NFTs purchases or other in-game resources.
  • Exclusive access to special events or missions that are not available to regular players.
  • Priority boarding, which may translate into earlier access to game updates or fresh features.
  • Bonus miles for reaching certain milestones or during promotional periods.
  • Increased earnings where players at higher levels can earn more BlockAir Miles or in-game currency for the same flight activities compared to lower levels.

4. Special promotions: Fresh Flyer members can receive special promotional offers, including partnerships with other games or blockchain services, increasing the value of being an energetic BlockAir participant.

5. Recognition of community and status: Higher levels may include community recognition, badges or status symbols that display a player’s achievements and level in the game, contributing to social standing in the BlockAir community.

The Frequent Flyer Program is designed to escalate player retention and engagement by providing physical rewards for continuing to play. This creates a virtuous cycle where the more you play, the more you earn and the more you can do in the game. This not only makes the game more engaging, but also adds a layer of strategy as players plan how to get the most out of their miles.

The BlockAir recurrent flyer program combines gaming and investing, introducing players to the basics of earning and managing digital assets in a fun and user-friendly way. This is especially attractive to people already interested in cryptocurrencies and DeFioffering practical applications of these technologies in the context of games.

The BlockAir recurrent flyer program is a highlight of the GameFi world, providing a unique combination of entertainment, earning potential and strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a cryptocurrency enthusiast looking to explore fresh horizons, BlockAir’s imaginative Play-to-Earn game model offers something exhilarating. If you’re fascinated by the idea of ​​combining games and monetization within one coherent ecosystem, BlokAir could be your next great adventure.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this creative combination of gaming and DeFi. Have you tried BlockAir yet? What has your experience been with the recurrent flyer program? Leave a comment below and join the conversation!

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