Warlock Tetropuzzle takes Tetris-style gameplay to the next level with magic (and tile-matching)


  • Warlock TetroPuzzle is a newly released game that combines elements of Tetris and Candy Crush
  • It combines tile-matching and block-dropping puzzles with a tough move limit.
  • Download the app now on the iOS App Store or Google Play!

If there’s an straightforward way to create a up-to-date puzzle, it’s to take two established types and combine them, and that’s exactly what developer Maksym Matiushenko has done with the newly released Warlock TetroPuzzle.

Combining the tile-matching action of games like Candy Crush and the block-stacking action of Tetris, Warlock TetroPuzzle challenges you to drop blocks along matching resources to collect the most mana and progress through stages. You can see it in action in the gameplay video below.

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It certainly looks engaging, but also a bit complicated. Sure, we watched the movie a few times and still had trouble with it. But for those of you looking for something that combines a genre as often explored as tile-matching and block-stacking, then Warlock TetroPuzzle might be the game for you.

A riddle for me

And if you think this all still looks a bit too straightforward, you’ll be elated to know that you only have 9 moves to solve each puzzle. Add to that the usual caveats that you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection, and Warlock TetroPuzzle promises to offer all the goodies you could possibly need in a game like this.

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