Unreal Creator Manages to Run Doom 1993 in Fortnite


This week, Jackson Clayton, the creator of the Unreal Engine, released a video that looked like The Holocaust 1993 at first. The graphics aren’t great, but the UI, weapons, and enemies are there. Then, out of the blue, Doom Guy starts building platforms and stairs like he’s in Fortnite. Because it is.

This is not a novel port The Holocaust 1993 works on some piece of hardware, like an electric toothbrush or a sex toy. It’s a classic FPS built to run inside Fortnite using the Unreal Engine for Fortnite. Clayton’s message alongside the video explains, “But can #Fortnite run DOOM? Of course, I can’t post that, but it was a great way to learn more about the footage and post-production in #UEFN.” While it’s not yet another device on a growing list that can run The Holocaust 1993this is certainly one of the most unique ways to launch it.

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Yes, Fortnite he was sentenced to death

Screenshot by Destructoid

This original post by Jackson Clayton shows a little over a minute The Holocaust 1993 gameplay in the middle FortniteHonestly, it blew me away because I honestly thought I was watching an original FPS game and I was shocked to see Fortnite’s building mechanics in action.

I first saw this engineering feat thanks to Digital Trends in its report. According to this article, Clayton has already spoken to My city on this matter. He told the site that he initially exported the E1M1 as a 3D model with Ultimate Doom Builder and transferred to UEFN.

Obviously, The Holocaust 1993 looked too good in UEFN, so Clayton used some “creative” techniques to pixelate it and get it to look like the original game. Luckily, he’s released a few games on Steam that recreate the look and feel of the game, so he has a lot of experience making games work that way.

This project shows that it is entirely possible. The Holocaust 1993 run inside Fortnite. However, you won’t be able to download and run Clayton’s version because he doesn’t have the intellectual property rights. Instead, it was a fun exercise in learning UEFN.

Part of what makes this movie so great is that Clayton purposely used it to trick his friends. He told Kotaku, “I wanted to put together a movie to trick my friends, so I moved the map and created some post-production stuff, and they really liked it.” As I mentioned above, I was completely tricked, so Clayton achieved his goal as far as I was concerned.

This isn’t even the first port The Holocaust 1993 in an unexpected place I saw this week and I know it won’t be the last. One of my favorite software ports in the game was Wolfenstein: The New Orderand I’d love to see more games like this if someone could port them.

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