Unleash the Ultimate Power: Discover the BlockAir Super Mega Rare NFT Passport


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure that combines the thrill of gaming with the power of blockchain technology? Welcome to BlockAir, the state-of-the-art Play to Earn platform (P2E) GameFi project on the Polygon Matic network. BlockAir integrates GraFi AND DeFi elements that offer players an stimulating and profitable journey around the world. At the heart of this adventure is the Passport Super Mega Rare NFT, your gateway to BlockAir heaven. Let’s take a look at what makes this Passport unique and how it can improve your gaming experience.

BlockAir is a pioneering blockchain project that redefines gaming through a unique Fly-to-Earn (F2E) ecosystem. Players purchase Passport NFT to gain access to the game where they can travel to various airports, purchase airline tickets, and earn significant profits by taking flights. Running around a polygon blockchainBlockAir uses MATIC as its in-game currency, ensuring players earn a valuable and widely used cryptocurrency.

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BlockAir’s NFT Passport is much more than a digital collectible; this is the key that unlocks the entire game. Only wallets with an NFT passport can participate in the game, allowing players to visit different airports, buy plane tickets and claim rewards once they reach their destination. Each Passport is unique, available in nine different rarities, offering different benefits and multipliers.

Passport Super Mega Rare NFT is one of nine available rarities at BlockAir, distinguished by its golden color and unique features:

  1. Rarity and supply: The Super Mega Rare NFT Passport has 5% of the supply in the general passport pool, making it an extremely desirable acquisition.
  2. Multiplier: This Passport offers a 7X mile multiplier, significantly increasing your in-game earning potential.
  3. Reward Miles:
  • Domestic flights: Earn 14 MIL per flight.
  • International flights: Earn 28 miles per flight.
  • Intercontinental flights: Earn 56 MIL per flight.

Players can earn these MILES and redeem them once they reach 1,000, giving them the ability to purchase collectible NFTs, change airports, and more when they launch the game.

The BlockAir referral program is designed to reward players for expanding their community. Each NFT Passport contains a unique 15-digit referral code. By inviting friends, players can earn a 10% commission on each referred purchase and offer their friends a 50% discount on the Passport NFT price. This program also allows players to upgrade their Passports by reaching certain referral milestones.

First-time users and vigorous participants of BlockAir can enjoy significant bonuses. The pre-order campaign offers significant discounts on Passport NFT games, ranging from 90% on the first 99 Passports to 10% as the game gets closer to launch. Additionally, top referrers will win exclusive in-game seats during the pre-sale period, further enhancing their BlockAir experience.

Previously obtained passport holders can enter the airport NFT giveaway where they can win income-generating NFT tickets. These NFTs provide passive income from in-game taxes paid by players flying out of these airports, adding another layer of potential earnings to the BlockAir ecosystem.

Passport pre-sale NFTs offers significant discounts, making it the perfect time to join BlockAir. With first flights scheduled for early 2024, securing an NFT Passport at a lower price will prepare you for an stimulating and profitable journey.

As players recommend BlockAir to more friends, their NFT Passport can be upgraded to higher rarities, each of which will offer increased mileage multipliers and additional benefits. Starting with Common, players can progress through Rare, Super Rare and beyond, unlocking more rewards and improving their BlockAir experience.

The BlockAir Miles program is a rewards system for regular travelers in which players earn MILES tokens based on participation in virtual flights. Tokens are awarded depending on the type of flight and the rarity of the player’s NFT Passport. These MILES tokens can be redeemed for various in-game benefits such as purchasing novel airline tickets, upgrading NFTs, and earning exclusive collectibles. The program increases earning potential, encourages consistent gameplay, and enables strategic upgrades to make gameplay more rewarding and engaging.

Playing BlockAir offers numerous benefits, including earning significant financial rewards through the Fly-2-Earn and Miles Program models, where players earn MATIK and MILES tokens for participating in virtual flights. The game provides an immersive, vigorous experience with a progression system that keeps players motivated. Additionally, BlockAir fosters a robust sense of community and social interaction, improving the overall gaming experience. Through NFT integration, players can own valuable digital assets that offer long-term investment potential.

To purchase an NFT Passport on BlockAir, follow these steps:

Step 1. Configure Web3 wallet: Download and set up a Web3 wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet and make sure it is powered by MATIC, the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network.

Step 2. Visit the BlockAir website: Go to the BlockAir website.

Step 3. Connect your wallet: Click the “Link Wallet” button and follow the instructions to connect your wallet Web3 wallet.

Step 4. Go to the NFT Passport section: Find the section for purchasing NFT passports on the website.

Step 5. Choose and buy: Confirm your purchase. Complete the transaction via your wallet.

Your NFT passport will be minted and sent directly to your connected wallet.

BlockAir will revolutionize the world of games and cryptocurrencies thanks to the inventive Fly-to-Earn model. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to earn, play and discover. Visit BlockAir to learn more, mint your Super Mega Rare NFT Passport and start your global adventure today. Ready to go? Let your cryptocurrency profits skyrocket with BlockAir!

If you have any questions or want to share your impressions about BlockAir, you can leave a comment below. Have fun flying!

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