UFO Gaming announces the latest update to the Super Galactic closed beta


  • Update your schedule and quality of life: UFO Gaming has released patch 1.1.9 for the Super Galactic Closed Beta, moving updates to Wednesdays and introducing quality of life improvements, including a up-to-date weapon rarity system to improve gameplay.
  • Defect reports and UI reviews: Players are encouraged to provide detailed bug reports to support the team fix issues. Significant UI updates have been made, particularly in body parts and leaderboard improvements, to provide a more intuitive and spotless gameplay experience.
  • Weapon rarity and P2E expansion: The patch introduces weapons of varying rarities affecting stats and damage, further expanding the P2E Metaverse with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi features in the Ethereum Blockchain-based game.

UFO games, novel decentralized gaming platform, it just has released Patch 1.1.9 for the Super Galactic Closed Beta. This update marks a significant change to the update schedule – up-to-date patches now arrive on Wednesdays, a change from previous Tuesday releases.

Quality of life and UI improvements

This week’s update introduces a number of quality of life improvements and UI improvements designed to enrich the player experience. Key features include testing the up-to-date weapon rarity system, which promises to add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

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Handling defect reports

UFO Gaming announces the latest update to the Super Galactic closed beta

The UFO Gaming team has confirmed receiving bug reports from the community. They are currently in the process of analyzing and reproducing these defects to implement fixes. To support with this process, they ask players to provide details such as platform used (browser or desktop), player region and server (EU or US) when reporting future bugs.

Intuitive updates and clear leaderboards

A significant update in patch 1.1.9 is the overhaul of body part upgrade modalities. The up-to-date user interface has been designed to be more intuitive and provide players with a clear overview modernization and required expenditure on UAP.

Additionally, the leaderboard interface has been improved to provide greater clarity and consistency, setting the stage for players to compete in the upcoming end-of-month giveaway.

Weapon rarity system

The highlight of this update is the introduction of weapons of varying rarities. Players can now find weapons ranging from White (Common) to Purple (Epic), each with different base and max stats that impact their damage output and overall in-game performance.

P2E metaworld

UFO Gaming stands out as a P2E metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi features like staking and farming. Super Galactic, an action RPG game, offers a unique collection of NFTs known as UFOepswhich players can knock out and employ in combat to earn rewards in daily challenges.

With the UFO Governance Token and UAP Token in-game, UFO Gaming continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming by offering an immersive and rewarding experience to players around the world.

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