Todd Howard says Starfield will get at least one more expansion after Shattered Space


Bethesda boss Todd Howard has confirmed that the first expansion for Starfield, this year’s Shattered Space, won’t be the only major DLC for the sci-fi exploration game.

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Discussing Starfield with YouTuber MrMattyPlaysHoward revealed that work on Shattered Space began “actually” after the team finished work on the core Starfield game, meaning development on it lasted from August to September last year.

Howard also compared the scope and direction of the expansion – which largely takes place in one city on one planet – with Fallout 4’s Far Harbor and The Elder Scrolls DLCs.

Howard referred to Shattered Space as being in the mold of Bethesda’s other “annual story expansions,” adding that the developers hope to provide additional content for Starfield “for a very long time.” This means we’ll see at least one more major expansion, with Howard saying the team “more or less” plans to release annual DLC in a similar fashion to previous games.

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He later added that the DLC won’t “answer every question” about the Starfield universe, but instead should be approached from the perspective of “What do we want to add to the game in terms of experience or tone or things like that?” “

At least Shattered Space will delve into the secret world of House Va’Ruun and its city of Dazra, while mentioning some sort of cosmic threat. Natch, there will also be novel equipment and other gadgets. We’ll find out more after its release later this year, after a first close look at the game during the Summer Game Fest.

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