These are the modern features coming to GensoKishi Online in the next update


  • New updates to GensoKishi include the opening of floors 31 to 40 in the “Apelos Pyrgos” tower, featuring tougher challenges and the introduction of 13 modern basic LR equipment.
  • Added options to customize the display of benefit icons and HP bars.
  • Changes to damage colors reflect elemental resistances, and color-coded range circles have been introduced for area-of-effect skills.

In the latest GensoKishi online update, players are preparing to face modern challenges with the opening floors 31 to 40 In “Apelos Pyrgos” tower.

This modern episode offers significant growth difficultyalong with the introduction 13 modern LR entry-level devicespromising more intense and satisfying gaming experience for the bravest adventurers.

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Additionally extensive content, the update brings improvements to user experience.

Players now have the ability to customize the display benefit icons AND HP barsallowing you to have better control over the interface while critical battles.

This flexibility in settings is intended to improve availability and effectiveness on the virtual battlefield.

One of the standout changes is the modification in damage the colors while defense.

Now, number of damages I’ll show you Orange indicate weakness AND blue Down resistanceproviding immediate visual feedback on performance defense strategies against enemy attacks.

This improvement doesn’t just improve tactical clarity but also enriches visual experience games.

In addition, color coded coverage circles for area skills, making it easier to quickly identify the effects of each skill on the battlefield.

Red circles mean enemy damage AND debuff skillsone sec blue indicates beneficial skills Down allies AND green represents healing abilitiessimplifying real-time work strategic decision making.

These are the new features coming to GensoKishi Online in the next update

Additional improvements and bug fixes in GensoKishi

The update presents several significant improvements.

Cosplay set switching rules have been adjusted to improve transitions between outfits, giving players more flexibility during gameplay.

Additionally, battle diary has been improved to provide clearer insight into the data physical featuresthanks to which players will be able to better analyze combat dynamics and effectively develop strategies.

Moreover, corrections to Camera settings now allow each character to maintain their preferred distanceincreasing personalization and immersion in the game world.

These improvements not only optimize gameplay mechanics, but also demonstrate a responsive approach to gameplay opinions of the gaming community.

By addressing player feedback and refining elements of the user experience, the update aims to provide a smoother and more engaging game experience gaming experience for all participants GENSO PROJECT.

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