The WorldShards economic game will be released soon


  • WorldShards is preparing for a major redesign of its game’s economy.
  • Artifacts and craftable collectibles are introduced as central elements of the economic system.
  • A token-based economy will launch soon, promising novel dynamics and strategies for players.

In Shards of the World universe, economy preparing for significant transformation with the arrival AND New update.

This updateplanned to coincide with the change of seasons will not only bring cosmetic and gameplay changes but it will also revolutionize the way adventure hunters interact with the virtual world of Murrlandia.

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Key things including Transformation is the artifacts and collectibles that can be crafted.

Artifactsavailable via loot chests or player transactions, are necessary items that unlock the ability to create and upgrade collectibles things.

These thingsunique in its own way characteristics and circumscribed in editionthey are desired not only because of themselves rarity but they also play a key role in the emerging game economy.

Creating collectibles it is a detailed process that requires connection artifacts to specific workbenches ON players’ islands.

This process covers more than just the standard resources and essences but also A novel bonus currency called “Jewels“.

The combination of these elements allows not only to create unique ones things but also promotes dynamics market Where players can trade and sell their creations on platforms such as Open Loot.

True though innovation is related to the upcoming implementation of a token-based economy.

These chips will allow players to improve rarity collectibles thingsraise attributes Such as Luckand manage Adventure Steering.

Adventure Steering are necessary to obtain a special benefit called “Blessing With Meowken” which makes it easier sign collection in progress adventures on wild islands.

The WorldShards economic game will be released soon

The integration of this token-based economy promises to enrich the WorldShards gaming experience

Possibility of improvement rarity itemsraise lucky to earn more awardsand manage adventure steering to maximize profits, all contribute to a deeper and more lively game narration.

With the impending arrival update, Shards of the World players they are eager to delve into these novel things mechanics.

Waiting for summer sales, Where artifacts will be availableis palpable.

Meanwhile, development the team continues to refine and adjust the final details to ensure this transformation to a more complicated and satisfying one the economy is as polished as possible.

Shards of the World it’s not just a game changer; it redefines how players interact and develop in its digital edition blockchain universe.

With everyone updatethe promise of a virtual world where strategy, creativity, and cooperation between players are the key to success and satisfaction in Murrlandia is growing stronger.

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