The Sims 4 Will FINALLY Introduce Polyamory in a Free Update


Latest Sims 4 The supplement is above all ROMANCE! Called In love, the top features of the package will include a dating app, attractions that interest you, different dynamics of romantic relationships, and a whole recent world to discover. But the benefits of dating won’t be confined to extension; a patch is coming for everyone Sims 4 players will release a pack that will introduce polyamory features! Finally!

Official Sims Blog described the recent Romantic Boundaries system, which will be customizable to suit all Sims and separate physical and emotional exclusivity.

Free for all players is the recent Romantic Boundaries system, which will allow you to tailor your Sim’s experience to boundaries and jealousy. You can now define how your Sims approach romantic relationships in terms of physical and emotional romantic exclusivity. This allows Sims to date multiple Sims without affecting other relationships.

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Players have been asking for some kind of polyamorous feature for decades, so it’s great to finally have it. Previous updates have allowed players to define their Sims’ romantic and sexual orientations and gender expressions. This is the next step in creating Sims 4 more realistic.

Sims have been known to be jealous in romantic relationships since the original Sims game. In The Sims 2for example, if Sim A had a crush on Sim B (even if they weren’t in a relationship!), he would become jealous if Sim B WooHoo was with Sim C while they were all on the same lot (not even directly in front of Sim A! ). Subsequent games have toned down this romantic jealousy, but it makes casual dating in The Sims hard. What about having a Sim’s polycule? Virtually impossible without mods!

(Of course, that never stopped us polyamory advocates Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, and Ripp Grunt — thanks to the 2008 film Sims 2 Scene at LiveJournal.)

The Sims 4: Falling in Love will be available on July 25, which is around when the update will appear.

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