The sequel to Lords of the Fallen will be released in 2026. Epic will receive exclusive rights for PC


CI Games announced that a sequel to Lords of the Fallen is in the works for PC, Xbox Series This means that the upcoming title Lords of the Fallen will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store and will not be available on other stores such as Steam or GOG.

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The full text of the agreement between CI Games and Epic Games was published today, June 15, and you can read it below.

Current report number: 28 / 2024
Date: June 15, 2024
Legal basis: art. 17 section 1 MAR – confidential information
Subject: Signing of a binding terms sheet with Epic Games Inc.

Management Board of Cl Games SE based in Warsaw
(the “Company”) hereby informs that on June 14, 2024, the Company signed binding regulations with Epic Games Inc. (“Epic”), whereby the Company grants Epic exclusive rights
the rights to worldwide distribution of the sequel to the game “Lords of the Fallen” (working title: Project 3) (“Game”) on the PC platform throughout the product lifecycle (“Binding Terms and Conditions”).

The rights to the Game and the Series, including all intellectual property (IP) rights, and the rights to publish and distribute the Game worldwide on all other platforms, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms, for which the Game is currently available In
development, will remain in the Company. Otherwise, the Binding Terms Sheet provides for standard market conditions. The game’s premiere is planned for 2026. The Company and Epic will continue negotiations on a detailed publishing agreement, which the Company will inform about in a separate current report.
Disclaimer: This English translation may contain some discrepancies. In case of discrepancies between the Polish and English versions, the Polish version will prevail.

In our Lords of the Fallen review, Jason said: “I desperately want to like Lords of the Fallen, but it’s the first game this year that has actively annoyed me. I love the Soulslike genre more than any other, but this game took every lesson it could have learned since the original Lords of the Fallen and either completely forgot about them or just misunderstood them, so much so that you’d assume she missed classes.”

Source: Banker

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