The Sandbox announces a up-to-date partnership to build the future of Metaverse Entertainment


  • Sandbox and Kantana join forces to create the future of entertainment in the meta world.
  • Kantana will bring her experience in narrative and meta-world creation to The Sandbox.
  • The collaboration promises to create inventive experiences that redefine online entertainment.

Future digital entertainment took a up-to-date step thanks invigorating cooperation between Sandpit AND Edges.

These two powerseveryone is a leader in their field, join forces to explore and expand the possibilities of the metaworld, this virtual space where gaming, content creation and interactive experiences converge.

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Sandpitknown for its Metaverse platform and user-generated content tools, found in Kantana, one of Thailand leader entertainment companiesthe perfect partner to perfect it narration and original possibilities.

Kantana, through the internal Metaverse development team, Expansion Studiohas already left a significant mark Sandpit with their initial designs, demonstrating their ability to create engaging and memorable experiences.

The Alliance does not only focus on development inventive gamesbut also on the integration of unique cultural elements.

An example of this is the event “Khan Kluay Adventure of Friendship‘, organized by Kantana at The Sandbox, which not only celebrated Thai culturebut also offered exclusively NFTs as part of the experience.

It’s focusing on cultural diversity and creating meaningful content promises to further enrich the digital universe they create together.

For Kantana, this collaboration represents an opportunity to expand its reach and deliver value stories and characters to a completely up-to-date one global audience.

Pimlapat Chaiviriyachok (Ying), Managing director With Kantana post-production, she expressed her excitement by saying:

“We are excited to share our narratives in such a dynamic space as the Sandbox metaverse. This partnership allows us to explore new frontiers in entertainment and leverage the power of Web3.”

We both look to the future Sandpit AND Edges they intend to maintain a long-term partnership, promising to continue creating invigorating games and experiences in the metaworld.

With a combined set of strengths and capabilities, collaboration between the two entities will not only drive innovation in digital entertainmentbut also to lay the foundations for up-to-date forms interaction and creativity online.

The Sandbox announces a new partnership to build the future of Metaverse Entertainment

Discovering up-to-date horizons in The Sandbox

As we move towards an increasingly digitized world, the metaworld becomes fertile ground for experimentation AND interpersonal bond.

Collaboration between Sandbox and Kantana aims not only playbut also to inspire AND educate through experiences that question the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

With shared commitment original excellence and culture, this partnership promises to open up-to-date doors interactive and cooperative entertainment online.

Alliance between Sandbox and Kantana it’s not just a bold step towards the future of digital entertainmentbut also a testament to the power of global cooperation and joint creativity.

With every project and plot evolved in the metaworld, bond between cultures will be strengthened and digital experiences enriched for millions of users around the world.

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