The Rolling Stones are the latest musical band to make their mark on Roblox


  • The Rolling Stones will be the latest music band to make a mark on Roblox
  • Their music will be part of Universal Music’s takeover of the Beat Galaxy experience
  • Fans will be able to collect virtual gadgets and more

Iconic rock ‘n’ roll band The Rolling Stones will be the latest musical group to make a mark on Roblox. The band’s songs will debut on Universal Music Group and Supersocial at Beat Galaxy, which they call an “immersive music hub.”

The Rolling Stones, widely considered one of the greatest musical bands of all time, will take control of the Beat Galaxy environment where their music will be paramount. Designed for audiences of all ages, the experience will of course also include exclusive virtual goodies to keep players glued to their characters.

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The main premise of Beat Galaxy seems to be a combination of rhythm gameplay and, of course, virtual item collecting. As an all-ages experience, it will be compelling to see how it handles the Stones’ once-risqué work. But for older fans, it’s sure to be a treat.

Will it roll?

Sure, others might scoff at the idea of ​​trying to reclaim the Rolling Stones’ preeminence via Roblox. The band has made history, after all, but they’re certainly not getting any younger. Still, if there’s anything we know about Roblox players, it’s that they’ll almost never pass up a chance to grab some digital loot, like this collaboration promises.

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