The recent Major Order in Helldivers 2 has players wondering why they are actually fighting


After choosing to save children under the recent Greater Order, Helldivers 2 The players showed a softer side of themselves. Through fan art, which usually depicts memes or epic landscapes, players instead draw attention to those they fight for in the Helldivers universe.

Typically, main orders are little more than reminder text that justifies further play Helldivers 2. Yes, they add to the story, but we’re all here for the gameplay and if we can just make it one more mission by shouting, “Will someone please think about the children?!” then we will definitely do it. But now Helldivers 2 players are experiencing a more somber mood, sharing artwork honoring the children and civilians they save every day, not least in the recent Major Order.

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Helldivers 2 Players portray a different side of themselves when they choose to save children during the Second Galactic War

Over on Helldivers 2 subreddit, players are sharing the most candid fan art I’ve seen in the game to date. some of them really make me cry and I want to delve into them so I can save more fictional humans from their fictional deaths at the hands of the Automatons.

User Vampire Valley shared the first and probably most popular image of a children’s cartoon of them and Helldiver after being saved from certain death. They ask, “Devs, can we have this on the wall of our ship?!?” which I don’t think is unreasonable.

User TurnMajestic8035 shared fan art of Helldiver holding a baby in the final hours of Vernen Wells, as as many children as possible were saved in the name of freedom, democracy, and a brand up-to-date stratagem. This one convinces me, but not as much as the one below.

User misterwot he shared a pixel art scene that just breaks me every time I see it. The image shows Helldivers coordinating rescue operations for civilians while Super Destroyers fly overhead to bring more democracy to the Automaton threat.

Something about the fact that these mighty warriors are so gentle and aid people with terrible injuries in the beds and around the medical camp is just too much for me to bear. The Helldiver in the back, holding a child’s hand through it all, hits on a terrifying level because of the current conflicts in the world.

Even memes have some heart in them. This one from the user domkesslr it’s a conversation between Automaton and Helldiver, but Helldiver tells a lot of truth on many levels. Both in the satirical universe Helldivers 2 and the real world, children are the future.

I don’t want to leave you depressed so I posted this user submitted meme DamnKovitewhich shows how some members of the community willingly decided to save children as the Chief Order because they thought it would be fun, but it ended up having an extremely positive impact on everyone they play with, as well as the developer who donated money for each saved child to save children.

Helldivers 2the story, in-game messages and dialogue present a satirical version of the future of humanity. We encourage citizens of Super Earth to register to spread freedom and govern democracy by killing robots and giant worms, without questioning authority. The icing on the cake is that families are even charged to return any pieces their loved ones left behind, provided they didn’t contribute to the creation of a up-to-date black hole or something else of significant value.

However, this is a moment for the community. Although not everyone may realize it, the decision to prioritize saving children opened everyone’s hearts and allowed them to see the innocent lives that are so often lost during the Second Galactic War. Super Earth will undoubtedly rally its troops to get more oil from the Terminids soon, but that can’t detract from the fact that its democracy-spreading war machines simply shed a tear and showed some compassion for once.

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